The best film and series news on Netflix last week (November 29 – December 5, 2021)

As every week, we now bring you tips for a weekend lounging at Netflix. It's really dry outside and the weather directly encourages you to spend the weekend at home. You may want to shorten the moment by watching the news on Netflix. The number one video streaming service was really good this week and there is definitely something to choose from.

La Casa de Papel (Series 5, Part 2)

It will be difficult to present this series, which pays for one of the best ever. The story of the Professor and his party of thieves is coming to an end. The second part of the last series has 5 episodes.

Lost in Space (Series 3)

If you're a fan of this series, you have to, as in the case of LCDP, have to watch the ending of this popular series, which comes with eight new episodes.

Dangerous elves

If you are a fan of horror movies, you may like the fresh serial news. Dangerous Elves comes with six episodes, to which Netflix adds the following description: “A family of four wants to enjoy the Christmas holidays on a remote island. An ancient threat that won't make the locals sleep, but will turn their stay into a nightmare. "

Like a stake in a fence

Another of the Christmas comedies. The protagonist faces family criticism for being still single. So she asks her best friend to go home with him for Christmas and pretend to be his friend. Really interesting spectacle.

The power of the dog

The ranch owner treats his brother cruelly. And he won't stop even after his brother brings his wife and her son home. But then things start to happen. Quite a good western.

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