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In the cauldron of devices sold and guaranteed by Xiaomi, consisting of products of practically all types, there is a particular sector that over the years has managed to carve out a large slice of the market, thanks to a particularly marked quality / price ratio due to good quality, with practically all the features of the models produced by the most famous companies, but sold at decidedly cheaper prices and (almost) always without the need to pay monthly subscriptions to take advantage of the cloud features: it's the world of surveillance cameras WiFi, an area in which Xiaomi with its Mijia is particularly experiencing success and not only in the Asian market, indeed.

And the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 WiFi surveillance camera is the perfect example of how the idea of ​​the technological giant to carry out this sort of "collaboration" with small Chinese companies and startups, bears fruit: it is a video camera of surveillance capable of transmitting and recording videos in FullHD at 1080p, even at night, and equipped with a motorized pointing system that will allow orientation even remotely. All this, on a cloud service that you will not have to pay or on a microSD, and managed by the Xiaomi Home application. But it is clearly not a perfect device.

Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 review: economic surveillance camera

Package contents

Definitely minimal but practically able to allow the user to use it practically immediately after unpacking it, in the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 package there are, in addition to the surveillance camera, also a 5V and 2A power supply, a microUSB cable, a set necessary for wall mounting and an instruction manual.

Design and materials

The shape and materials of the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 are substantially in line with all the other products in this category and sold in the same price range. The whole structure of the WiFi surveillance camera is made of good quality and very light polycarbonate, and the shapes are decidedly soft and rounded, which will allow it to adapt easily to all environments.

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Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

Sample video streaming of the surveillance camera

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

The dimensions are quite compact, we are talking about 108 x 76 x 76 mm and the antennas are integrated into the structure. Above there is a sphere that is able to rotate both horizontally and vertically, although I found the vertical rotation perhaps too limited in the angles: by positioning the camera on a piece of furniture at about 170 cm in height, there is no possibility to lower sufficiently framed to frame a floor where, for example, there may be dogs or – why not – even a crawling child.


The two motors that allow the horizontal and vertical rotation of the lens are very reactive and very silent. They convey a feeling of solidity, even if I haven't had all the time needed to understand what their duration could be over the years. It is true, however, that now Xiaomi specializes in this type of device and I am more than convinced that there should be no problems whatsoever regarding longevity.

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

The image is entrusted to a FullHD sensor that uses an F3.2 lens with a filed of wiev of 110 °, therefore decidedly wide despite it being a motorized surveillance camera. There is a slot for a microSD that can be up to 64 GB, and that can be used to record locally, without therefore depending on the availability of the internet connection or a cloud service which, among other things, is free and guarantees a continuous 5-day registration.

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

There is also a speaker, to allow the sending of audio in two directions and to speak with the people who are present in the monitored environment, and the quality of the integrated microphones is very good, to the point that allows the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 to be able to recognize even the crying of a child, which makes it an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a smart and decidedly inexpensive baby monitor. There are also infrared LEDs that allow night vision.

Video quality – Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265

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Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

Sample video streaming of the surveillance camera

The quality of the videos that the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 manages to capture is decidedly good. The details are marked and the images are very clear, perhaps even too much to tell the truth. The night mode is also good, which with the powerful infrared LEDs will allow you to control even totally dark environments, and all in all the quality of the streaming transmission is also good, which will however depend a lot on the connection you have at home and on your smartphone or mobile phone.


The most beautiful thing about the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 is that it is fully integrated with the Xiaomi Home app, of which it takes advantage of all the intelligent features and which allows it to integrate perfectly with the Chinese company's products ecosystem. As if this were not enough, this particular motorized WiFi surveillance camera integrates a series of features that exploit artificial intelligence, which can all be managed and exploited through the Xiaomi application.

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

For example, there is the automatic recognition of human beings which, once activated the control mode, will allow the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 to "understand" the presence of a person and to send targeted alarm notifications. There is a particular way in which the device recognizes movements and follows people or animals completely automatically, and then sends a notification with the video relating to the event. And there is, as I anticipated, the function of recognizing a child's crying.

In short, in principle there are all the features necessary to keep your home under control from anywhere in the world, which in this new model have been improved both by the presence of artificial intelligence, let's call it that, and by the use of the codec H.265 video, which significantly improves the transmission and quality performance, generating better quality videos that require less space available for saving and less bandwidth for transmission.

Price in Italy and conclusions – Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265

The Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB H.265 IP Camera is on sale at a price of around 40 dollars. Which is not absolutely bad, considering that we are talking about a little more than 30 euros and that now it is a product perfectly integrated into the Xiaomi ecosystem, which has advanced features especially for the price range in which it is inserted .

Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 wifi surveillance camera review

The quality of the video and audio are good, it certainly does not have HDR and tends to struggle to frame subjects against light, but for this price you definitely could not ask for more. Your disadvantage that I liked least? The limitation in the vertical inclination of the objective.

(Global Version) XIAOMI Mijia IMILAB H.265 1080P 360 ° Night Version Smart AI IP Camera Home Baby Monitor Pan-tilt Webcam

(Global Version) XIAOMI Mijia IMILAB H.265 1080P 360 ° Night Version Smart AI …


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