The best smart displays in the test comparison

Smart displays – the most important things in a nutshell

The following factors are important for smart displays:

Smart Home Compatibility: Which voice assistant should the Smart Home be based on? Users can choose between Alexa and Google Assistant. Advantage of Echo Show 10: As the only model in our Smart Display test comparison, it even has an integrated ZigBee hub (Smart Home control center). Screen & camera: Most smart displays are between 5 and 10 inches in size. For video calls, the model of choice should be larger and the quality of the camera should be good. Warning: Google Nest Hubs do not have a camera. (As of: 05/2021) Price: Low-priced models are available from 80 euros. One of the most expensive smart displays is, for example, Echo Show 10 with 249.99 euros. (As of: 05/2021)

The best smart displays in the test check and comparison

We show at a glance what our recommendations in the Smart Display Test comparison make up.

Echo Show 10 – Recommendation for Alexa & Smart Home fans

In our Echo Show 10 test, we were particularly impressed by this model. The all-rounder in the truest sense of the word has a motor, so the Alexa display can automatically turn towards the user. The sound is also very good for smart displays. Unique selling point in the Smart Displays test comparison: An integrated ZigBee hub.

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | anthracite

High resolution smart display with motion function. Multifunctional device with Alexa and integrated ZigBee hub.

High resolution smart display with motion function. Multifunctional device with Alexa and integrated ZigBee hub.

Google Nest Hub 2 – Recommendation for Google fans & sleep tracking

Sleep tracking via Motion Sense, which could soon replace a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, is innovative and a unique selling point of the cheap Google Nest Hub 2. Also promising is the announced support of the Thread Smart Home wireless standard, which so far only distinguishes Apple products. It is a pity that no camera has been integrated and therefore video telephony is not possible.

Lenovo Smart Display 10 – Recommendation with Google Assistant and camera

The Lenovo Smart Display 10 is the oldest model in our Smart Display test comparison. It debuted as the Google Assistant Smart Display even before the Google Nest Hub was launched. We think: It is still a good choice today if you are looking for a smart display with Google Assistant support and video telephony. Because unlike the Nest Hub, Lenovo has a camera that is necessary for this.

Smart displays in comparison – the technical data

In the following table we have listed the most important information of the recommendations in our Smart Display test comparison. There are differences in terms of functionality, support voice assistants and weight. Echo Show 10 impresses with a motorized rotation and an integrated ZigBee hub. Google Nest Hub 2 scores with sleep tracking and the Lenovo Smart Display 10 is a sovereign Alexa alternative that supports the Google Assistant and has a camera.

Echo Show 10

Google Nest Hub 2

Lenovo Smart Display 10


25 x 23 x 17 cm

12 x 17 cm

17 x 31 cm


2.6 kg

558 g

1.2 kg

Display size

10.1 in

7 inch

10.1 in

picture quality

1280 x 800 pixels

1,024 x 600 pixels

1920 x 1200 pixels

voice control


Google Assistant

Google Assistant


Main processor: MediaTek 8183, second processor with Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge.

Quad-core ARM CPU with 64 bit and 1.9 GHz, high-performance machine learning hardware engine

Qualcomm Home Hub platform


2.1 sound system: stereo; 76 mm woofer and two 25 mm tweeters

Full range speaker with 43.5 mm driver

2 inch 10 watt full range speakers, 2 passive tweeters


1 microphone, front



Camera quality

13 MP

No camera available

2 MP

Radio link

WLAN (dual band); Bluetooth, ZigBee (integrated Smart Home Hub)

WLAN (2.4 / 5), Bluetooth 5.0, thread (announced, status: 05/2021))

WLAN (2.4 / 5), Bluetooth 4.2


Integrated ZigBee hubMotorized movement of the screenData security thanks to microphone off and cover of the cameraHigh number of compatible devicesFor a smart display, strong soundSleep tracking, Motion Sense (previous version) Great compatibility with services such as Spotify, NetflixGoogle Assistant, strong for questions and answersCompact, good for the kitchenHohe Privacy without camera upright and vertically compatible with the Google Assistant video telephony with Google Duo data security thanks to microphone off and cover of the camera

This is how our assessment of smart displays came about

We have already tested numerous smart displays and in our test comparison placed particular emphasis on the versatility of smart home applications. With its Echo Shows, Amazon offers numerous connection options, because the number of Alexa compatible devices is greater than that of Google Assistant.

If you want to connect your smart display to devices that work with Google Assistant voice control, a proprietary Google speaker is the right choice. In addition to the market leaders Amazon and Google, Lenovo also offers smart displays that have the Google Assistant integrated. In terms of quality, however, users have to make some compromises. There is currently no smart display, such as that offered by Sonos as a loudspeaker counterpart that supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. (As of: 05/2021)

Another important factor in our smart display selection was the size of the screen, especially during the corona pandemic, video telephony has grown in popularity and loved ones who cannot be visited in person are easier to see in this situation on a 10-inch – instead of a 5 or 7 inch screen. A high-quality and powerful camera is also important, unfortunately Google Nest Hub 2 does not offer a camera – only the largest version, Google Nest Hub Max, which is not yet available in Germany. (As of: 05/2021)

In general, the market for smart displays is smaller than the selection of smart WLAN speakers without a screen. For example, Apple does not offer a smart display in its product portfolio. However, as an intelligent control center of an Apple Smart Home, users can use an iPad. Networking options, music streaming or video telephony are then just as readily available as via a smart display.

In our smart display test comparison, we prevent tunnel vision and strive for an objective evaluation of the products. Therefore, if available, we not only include our own, but also other tests and evaluations.

Buying advice on smart displays – the most important criteria when buying

Anyone interested in a smart display should consider the following factors:

Display size: If the device is to be used as an alarm clock or a nice extra in the kitchen, for example to read recipes while cooking, a small smart display is sufficient. However, if you want to make frequent calls via video, a model that offers 10 inches, for example, is worthwhile. When it comes to video telephony, however, all smart displays are larger than a smartphone. The exception was Amazon Echo Spot, which is no longer available. (As of: 05/2021)

Voice control: Anyone who opts for a smart display is usually starting out with the topic of smart homes. It is therefore important which voice assistants are to be used to control compatible devices. Users can choose between Alexa and Google Assistant. A smart display that supports both, so that a manufacturer-independent decision can be made when buying new smart home devices, does not yet exist. (As of: 05/2021)

Smart Home: Smart displays are not only used for convenient voice control of compatible devices, for naming appointments or answering questions. Some such as B. Echo Show 10 even have an integrated ZigBee hub. This means that other devices can be networked with it. Then users of Philips Hue, for example, save a separate Philips Hue bridge as a control center. However, fewer functions are possible with an Echo Show and an integrated ZigBee hub than with the original control center. Interested parties should pay attention to this.

Data security: Some users have concerns that the built-in camera is unwittingly being observed. However, all models in our Smart Display Test Overview offer the option of manually covering the camera with a slider. Google is taking the concerns even more seriously and has not even built a camera into its Google Nest Hub displays. The microphones can also be switched off if desired. In the case of voice commands, commands that have been made can be deleted if desired.

Camera quality: Video telephony is a popular application for smart displays. Users should pay attention to the quality of the front camera. Otherwise you will appear very noisy on the screen of your loved one. Amazon has recognized the desire for good or better video quality and recently increased the camera resolution from 1 to a full 13 MP with the update of Amazon Echo Show 8 (status: 05/2021). Watch out for Google Nest Hub: Neither the first nor the second generation of the Google Smart Display has a camera installed. Only Google Nest Hub Max has a camera, but this model is currently only available in America. (As of: 05/2021).

Price: Depending on their size and range of functions, smart displays are already surprisingly inexpensive. Echo Show 5, for example, is priced at around 80 euros. Google Nest Hub 2 is also cheap at around 100 euros. It is more expensive, for example, at Echo Show 10 with 249.99 euros (as of 05/2021). However, it also has an integrated ZigBee hub and convenience functions, such as the motor that automatically steers the display in the direction of its users.

Echo Show 10 – Recommendation for Alexa and Smart Home fans

With Amazon Echo Show 10, Amazon is doing a lot right. The Smart Display offers an integrated motor as the first model in the series and also as a unique selling point in our Smart Display test comparison. This means that the display automatically addresses and tracks its users. This worked well in the test and is a nice feature for video telephony, for example. The fact that Amazon has a focus here is also evident in terms of camera quality. The integrated camera offers a total of 13 megapixels. So your loved ones don't have to be surprised by blurry pictures during the video conversation.

A popular use of smart displays is in the kitchen

A popular use of smart displays is in the kitchen


The 10 inch display is also big enough. Streaming series and films via Amazon Prime Video is also fun! In addition, z. B. Netflix can be used directly via the app. It is a pity that the conflict between Google and Amazon is still noticeable in the fact that for YouTube (owned by Google) for Amazon customers, the detour via the browser is still necessary. We would have liked it differently in the test. There is an app via the Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, we only rate this aspect as a minor disadvantage of Echo Show 10. The integrated ZigBee hub is praiseworthy, so that not only Alexa devices can be networked, but also components that use the wireless standard. Atypical for smart displays: the sound was strong in the test and is only subject to the Echo Studio speaker.

If you value great video telephony with an Alexa Smart Display and also want good sound quality, you won't go wrong with Echo Show 10. The advantages also have their price, but with the large range of functions and the added value of a ZigBee hub, smart home fans can get over them. We recommend using options such as Amazon Prime-Day, because Echo devices are often cheaper there.

Echo Show 10 – Important Tests and Ratings

In the Echo Show 10 test by the editors of, the testers praised the good display that follows the user and that a smart home hub is integrated. The sound was described as good. The price, which was classified as expensive, was named as a disadvantage. (Status: 04/2021) The experts from drew a positive conclusion after their Echo Show 10 test: "With the new third-generation Echo Show 10, Amazon is proving that the company currently offers the best smart displays." (Status: 04/2021) The editors of rated the sound and the screen as good after their Echo Show 10 test. We also liked the mechanical camera cover. They saw the large amount of space required as a disadvantage. (Status: 04/2021)

Echo Show 10 – Price and Best Deals

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | anthracite

High resolution smart display with motion function. Multifunctional device with Alexa and integrated ZigBee hub.

High resolution smart display with motion function. Multifunctional device with Alexa and integrated ZigBee hub.

Google Nest Hub 2 – Recommendation for Google fans and sleep tracking

If you are not at home in the Alexa Smart Home, but want to operate compatible devices with Google Assistant, choose Google Nest Hub 2. The smart display scores with a simple design and, at seven inches, is the smallest model in our smart display test comparison. As a result, it is also the lightest device in the test. Google Nest Hub 2 weighs less than half a kilo. For comparison: Lenovo Smart Display 10 weighs over a kilo, Echo Show 10 even weighs around two and a half kilos. Smart displays work wired and therefore often have a fixed place in the apartment and rarely change it.

As a unique selling point, Google Nest Hub 2 offers sleep tracking. In doing so, Google does not use video recordings, but "Motion Sense", which uses sensors to analyze movements and noises during sleep. The advantage over smartwatches or fitness trackers: Google Nest Hub 2 does not need to be charged, but works wired. In addition, the smart display is a great alternative for users who find a band on their arm annoying while sleeping.

The integrated Google Assistant can be used, for. B. Control music content by voice

The integrated Google Assistant can be used, for. B. Control music content by voice


A special feature that is not noticeable in the price, at around 100 euros, Google Nest Hub is the cheapest model in the Smart Display test comparison (status: 05/2021). It is a pity that Google has already announced subscription models for the function and may ask users to checkout this way. When it comes to sleep tracking, the following applies: The results are guidelines and do not have any medical accuracy.

We recommend Google Nest Hub 2 for users who care about sleep tracking and privacy. Google takes the latter so seriously with its smart display that it has not integrated a camera. Interested parties who want to buy a smart display for this reason should rather look at the competition.

Google Nest Hub 2 key tests and ratings

The experts from gave Nest Hub 2 a grade of 2.7. The testers positively liked the many functions and services, the good voice control and the sleep analysis. There were deductions, for example, due to the weak sound and that there was a risk of costs for sleep tracking. (Status: 03/2021) The Smart Display performed well in the Google Nest Hub 2 test by the editorial team. The low price and the innovative sleep analysis were particularly convincing. In terms of sound, the Nest Hub weakens according to the test report, but it is better than its predecessor and completely okay on the side. (Status: 03/2021) The professionals were divided after their Google Nest Hub 2 test. Sleep tracking is interesting as an alternative to using a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, and the announced support for Thread also sounded interesting for the testers. However, the changes to the first generation and the lack of a camera were not convincing. (Status: 04/2021)

Google Nest Hub 2 price and best deals

Google has set the MSRP for Google Nest Hub 2 at 99.99 euros.

Lenovo Smart Display 10 – Recommendation with Google Assistant and camera

When you think of Lenovo, you probably think of laptops first. In fact, Lenovo pioneered the Google Assistant smart display. The Lenovo Smart Display 10 was presented at CES 2018 and appeared a year later before the first Google Nest Hub. The advantage: Unlike Google, Lenovo Smart Display 10 has integrated a camera so that users can also use the Smart Display for video telephony via Google Duo. Thanks to Google hardware, content from YouTube, unlike Amazon Echos, can be streamed directly via the app.

Thanks to its shape, the Lenovo Smart Display 10 can also be used upright

Thanks to its shape, the Lenovo Smart Display 10 can also be used upright


As the only model in our Smart Display test comparison, the Lenovo Smart Display 10 can be used vertically and vertically. For video calls, you can alternatively set up the screen as you are used to with a smartphone, for example. We rate that as practical! If you are worried about data security, you can also use integrated measures with the Lenovo Smart Display 10. The microphones of all smart displays in our test comparison can be switched off at the push of a button and as with, for example, Echo Show 10, users can cover the camera with a slider.

Users who want a smart display that has a camera and supports video telephony and the Google Assistant should opt for Smart Display 10 from Lenovo. With the manufacturer's own Google counterparts, Google has not yet integrated a camera. (As of: 05/2021)

Lenovo Smart Display 10 – important tests and ratings

In the test by, the Lenovo Smart Display 10 was able to convince with its good display and decent sound. The model gained further plus points by the fact that the microphone and camera can be switched off. According to the testers, however, there are fewer possibilities in comparison than with Amazon Echo devices. (Status: 04/2019) The testers from particularly liked the fact that the Lenovo Smart Display 10 can be used directly on YouTube. This is an advantage compared to echo shows, where users have to go through the browser. We also liked that Lenovo has a camera compared to the Google Nest Hub. (Status: 05/2019) According to the Lenovo Smart Display 10 test by the editors of, the Smart Display scored points with the support of numerous streaming providers such as Spotify and YouTube. The pace of work, the operation and the full HD touch display were also mentioned as pro arguments. There were deductions due to the weak sound and the fact that voice commands had to be spoken out loud. (As of: 02/2020)

Lenovo Smart Display 10 – price and best deals

The Lenovo Smart Display 10 was offered at a regular price of 239 euros. Since the model has been available for a long time, the price has dropped significantly and is around 120 euros. (As of: 05/2021)

What are the best smart displays?

In our Smart Displays test comparison we recommend the following devices:

Amazon Echo Show 10: For Alexa and Smart Home fans with an integrated ZigBee hubGoogle Nest Hub 2: For Google fans with sleep trackingLenovo Smart Display 10: With Google Assistant and camera

What does a smart display cost?

Inexpensive models among the smart displays, such as the Echo Show 5, are already available for around 80 euros. The cheapest smart display in our test comparison is Google Nest Hub with 99.99 euros. The most expensive in our comparison is Echo Show 10, which, however, comes up with numerous extra functions. For example, an integrated ZigBee hub or the motor and the display automatically moves with the user.

What is a smart display?

A smart display is visually similar to a tablet, but in comparison it has a body, as it has to be set up in a fixed place. After all, smart displays do not have a battery, but need a socket nearby and have to be connected to electricity.

The term smart in the name also indicates the multi-function compared to a tablet: A voice assistant is integrated so that compatible devices can be controlled on command thanks to the integrated microphone in the model. That makes smart displays interesting for smart home fans. In contrast to conventional smart loudspeakers, users can also use the display to see information that they receive, for example, by asking the respective voice assistant. A popular application of smart displays is in the kitchen, as users can search for recipes and cook or bake them easily and directly. Through cooperation z. With streaming services such as Netflix, for example, series can also be streamed – music is also possible.

Why do you need a smart display?

A smart display enables entry into the smart home. Finally, compatible devices such as WLAN sockets, light control or smart heating thermostats can be integrated and operated by voice. Users can also create practical routines. On request z. B. the favorite playlist and the lights in the living room are dimmed.

Compared to a classic smart speaker, the screen offers numerous advantages. A smart display can be used as an alarm clock or clock, as the screen shows the time with customizable digits. When asked about the weather, for example, the information is conveniently displayed immediately. Depending on the model, e.g. B. Echo Show 10 even includes an integrated ZigBee hub. Devices that support the ZigBee wireless standard can be connected to it.

What are the advantages of smart displays?

Smart displays offer the following advantages:

Easy start in the smart homeDepending on the model, compatible with Alexa or Google AssistantEasy installation and operationDepending on the model, with an integrated ZigBee hubPractical for displaying content, such as B. recipes, series, etc., depending on the model, stylish design, increased security when connected to a surveillance camera, can be used as an alarm clock and clock, depending on the model, suitable for video telephony

What are the disadvantages of smart displays?

In addition to the numerous advantages, smart displays also have some disadvantages:

Poor music quality depending on the model Google Nest Hub does not offer a camera for video telephony (as of 05/2021) Models can be expensive

How does a smart display work?

A smart display is connected to a socket using a power cable. With the help of an app, users establish a connection to their home WiFi router. After setting up, users can use the numerous functions of their smart display. It is popular to use as a recipe indicator while cooking or baking. In addition, numerous compatible devices are available, so that, for example, the vacuum robot works on demand. In addition, various series and music streaming services can be used depending on the model.

Which brands offer smart displays?

Best known is Amazon with its Amazon Echo Shows. Closely followed by Google with its two first and second generation Google Nest hubs. Lenovo also offers smart displays that support the Google Assistant. As usually the third major player alongside Google and Amazon, Apple has completely dispensed with a smart display in its portfolio (as of 05/2021). Here users have to fall back on an iPad, which they can install as a smart home center.

Facebook also offers Smart Display models with Portal, Portal + and Portal Mini, but these are only available in the USA and not, for example, in Germany. (As of: 05/2021)

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