The best tweaks on jailbreak: SmarterLPM or smart power saving mode

In the settings (or in the control center) of your iPhone or iPad, you can easily initiate standby. When activated, your device's performance is limited, preventing you from quickly discharging the battery. You can also initiate Standby even when your device's battery power drops to 20 or 10%. In this case, a notification will appear in which, in addition to displaying low battery information, there will also be an option to easily initiate standby. You may have thought it would be nice to have an advanced standby setting – and that's exactly what tweak SmarterLPM does.

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Pavel Jelič April 2, 2020 1

With the help of the SmarterLPM (Smarter Low Power Mode) tweak, you can easily set up a few rules to activate the power-saving mode on your device. For example, you can set up a simple power-saving mode when you lock your device, while charging, or after Do Not Disturb. In addition to these options, you can also set Sleep Mode to automatically start when the battery level falls below a certain level, along with the option to disable low battery notifications. In addition, in our magazine, we have shown that the dark mode added in iOS and iPadOS 13 can also save battery power – and you can set automatic dark mode activation in certain cases in the SmarterLPM tweak settings.


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If you are interested in tweak SmarterLPM, you can download it for free from the Packix repository ( You cannot confuse tweak with SmartLPM tweak – this is an old version that is no longer supported (SmarterLPM is the successor of this tweak). After installation, you can customize the tweak SmarterLPM to your liking by going to the native Settings app, and then down to the installed tweaks section. Then click on the SmarterLPM box to start setting up. As I mentioned, there are options to automatically initiate standby when the screen is off, charging, or after Do Not Disturb. Below, you will find options for disabling the low-battery warning, along with the option to turn on power-saving mode automatically when the battery reaches a certain limit. In short, there are many settings that make your iPhone last longer.

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