The best widgets for iPhone: Productivity, notes and budget

Starting this weekend, we will bring you tips on applications on the LsA website that offer interesting, clear and useful widgets for your iPhone. Every week a different topic comes up – this time we will take the weather. To be on the safe side, reminders that desktop widgets are available for iPhones with iOS 14 and later.

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Amaya Tomanová May 22, 2021 0


Notion is a great helper for all types of notes, notes, lists, but also longer texts and entire databases. It offers a number of great features for formatting, writing, exporting and adding attachments, support for multimedia and other content, support for real-time collaboration, and is also cross-platform.

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You can download the Notion application for free here.


TickTick is one of the most popular to-do apps on the App Store. It's a useful productivity tool that lets you create and manage to-do lists, set up a variety of reminders, use a calendar with different views, set up recurring tasks and reminders, or create notes and lists of all kinds. TickTick is a cross-platform tool, offering the ability to send tasks by e-mail and many other great features.

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You can download the TickTick application for free here.


Drafts is a great tool for taking notes of all kinds. It offers support for Markdown, HTML and many other features, and is also available in iPad and Mac versions. Users praise the Drafts application mainly for the speed, convenience and efficiency of working with text, and you can also use widgets on the desktop of your iPhone to get a quick and immediate overview anywhere and anytime.

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You can download the Drafts application for free here.


Nudget is a useful application for managing your budget, managing expenses and revenue, and helping you save and improve your financial situation. The creators of Nudget: Budgeting Made Simple also responded quickly to the advent of the iOS 14 operating system and enriched the application with a wide range of widgets for the iPhone desktop and Siri support.

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IOS Nudget IOS Nudget 4

IOS Nudget IOS Nudget 3

IOS Nudget IOS Nudget 2

IOS Nudget IOS Nudget 1
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You can download the Nudget application for 79 crowns here.


Do you need to get rid of bad habits and learn new – better ones? The HabitMinder application will help you with that, it will always remind you what to do, it will encourage and motivate you accordingly, and it will help you on the way to consolidating new habits, whatever you choose. HabitMinder now offers support for iPhone desktop widgets, Apple Watch complications, and a new handwashing habit.

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HabitMinder iOS HabitMinder iOS 3

HabitMinder iOS HabitMinder iOS 4

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HabitMinder iOS HabitMinder iOS 1
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You can download the HabitMinder application for free here.

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