The FBI can break the security of the latest iPhone

The FBI has been heard in recent days in connection with Appl, mainly because of their mutual dispute over the unlocking of the Pensacola shooter iPhone, which investigators have asked the company unsuccessfully. However, the question is why this is the case. The FBI should have special devices that can unlock iPhones. If it does not have them, it cooperates at least with companies that own these devices and are able to break the security of the iPhone. That should have happened a few days ago.


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Forbes came up with very interesting news today that the FBI just unlocked a few days ago with a special GrayKey iPhone 11 Pro Max tool to help his brother sentenced to prison escape the country by lending his passport. The iPhone owner's lawyer Forbesu confirmed that investigators had accessed the phone without receiving the access code from the phone owner, or "scanned" his face ID. These words confirm the theory of using Grayshift's GrayKey.


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How exactly GrayKey works is unfortunately not entirely known, as is compatibility with individual iOS and iPhones. In the past, however, it has been speculated that the device is making use of the irreparable hardware bugs of older iPhone through which it is able to break into the parts needed to unlock the phone. In fact, it would use the same gaps as the "ultimate jailbreak", which is installable due to a hardware bug on a range of iPhones up to the X-series. However, since the device has unlocked the iPhone 11 Pro, spaces. However, this cannot be confirmed with 100% certainty.

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