The first impressions of an apple from the Galaxy Buds Live headphones and the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch from Samsung

The South Korean Samsung had its traditional Unpacked event planned for this Wednesday, at which it presented a number of new products to the world for the second half of this year. Over time, we don't have to be afraid to say that many of them are an interesting competition for Apple products. The hottest Galaxy Buds Live wireless headphones and the Galaxy Watch 3 smart watch can certainly be included among the hottest ones. to the editorial office so that we can form our own opinion on them and confirm or refute whether this is real competition for Apple.

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Samsung introduced an interesting competition for Apple Watch and AirPods

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Jiří Filip

5. 8. 2020


Before we get to the first impressions from headphones and smartwatches, I would rather emphasize again that these are really only the first impressions created in a few tens of minutes of playing with these products. So it is by no means a comprehensive review or anything like that. Therefore, in the following lines you will not find any more detailed technical specifications or anything similar. So take them really only as the first look at the news through the eyes of an apple maker.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Headphones

I admit that when I first saw Galaxy Buds Live on Unpacked Samsung, like most people, I couldn't resist the annoying thoughts in which I compared these headphones to beans. I have no aversion to them in my personal life, but it seemed quite strange to me that my headphones looked like this legume.

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I had a rather contradictory feeling from the headphones even when I was able to see them live for the first time a few hours ago. After all, when it comes to headphones, the vast majority of us will probably remember a kind of unified shape, which is used, for example, in the classic EarPods or their younger siblings AirPods. On the other hand, if there is no prejudice, it is electronics. I have already encountered a product many times, which at first glance seemed almost nonsense to me, but after a more thorough touch, I had to make up for my initial impression. And to be honest, after a few tens of minutes of playing with Galaxy Buds Live, I have to do the same this time.

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In my work and personal life, I have been using AirPods and AirPods Pro for a long time, because I really like it because I try to use the whole Apple ecosystem to the full. But I also like how they easily fit in my ear or back in the box. It was with putting the new Galaxy Buds Live in my ear that I had a bit of a problem at the beginning, because I didn't fully understand "how good" it should be at first. However, once he puts on the handset a few times, he no longer has the slightest problem with this operation. The same goes for connecting to an audio source. This takes place by default via Bluetooth, when all you have to do is open the headphone box and then select in the Bluetooth menu, then connect everything via the Galaxy Buds application from Samsung. I went "smartly" the first way, to soon find out that without the application I will not use it fully – ie from the point of view of the equalizer or ANC -. However, do not take the previous lines as complaints or perhaps criticism. I would just like to point out that the custom is an iron shirt and such comforts as AirPods do not offer apple judges the first minutes of use, which is, however, quite logical when they were developed with a completely different purpose.

The main sound is on the headphones and they have Galaxy Buds Live really good in my opinion. Thanks to their shape, they very nicely clog the ear canal and you will enjoy listening without significantly interfering with the surrounding sounds. Here, however, we are only talking about passive suppression of the environment. Although the headphones also have active suppression of ambient noise (ie ANC), its functionality seemed to me quite weak compared to AirPods Pro. However, I would rather wait for any bigger conclusions. As for the desired sound expression, I tried to try it on as many different songs as possible, and I certainly can't call it bad – quite the opposite. I'd say the quality is somewhere between AirPods and AirPods Pro, and the only thing I've complained about so far is the bass. These seemed quite insignificant to me, even though I set their emphasis in the equalizer. Otherwise, the sound is really good – the sound is not distorted in any way at the set volume, depth and pitch sounds natural, and even in the middle, the headphones look completely confident. I haven't even noticed any merging of tones into one confusing piece of something, which is a pain for many manufacturers. Here too, however, I must leave some room for maneuver for the review, for which I will subject the headphones to a much longer test.

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Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

In addition to the Galaxy Buds Live headphones, I also received new Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatches for testing today. .

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What Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch agree on is pairing with the phone. In both cases, this takes place via the application and in both cases is a matter of a few seconds. As soon as I set up my watch from Samsung and started playing with it, I had a completely different feeling from it than from Apple Watch. I definitely don't mean that this watch is stupid or anything like that, but so far it acts on me more as a passive helper than an active one. It is possible to do a huge number of things through them, but it seems to me that not as actively as with the Apple Watch. In short and well – the commander who forces you to exercise, stand or breathe does not affect me as such, but it is possible that after a few more hours of testing I will change my mind. However, I am already wondering if this would be necessary at all. As a result, more passive watches may not be to the detriment of many users, as they simply "only" complement them, not complete a significant part of their personality.

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I think I have a completely different impression than from Apple Watch from Galaxy Watch 3 because of their controls, which are really different from Apple Watch. It is not so much based on touches (which I probably perceive as a kind of encouragement for activity), but on the rotation of the bezel and touches only on some kind of addition or acceleration of certain actions. Yes, the touches can be used to a greater extent in scrolling between individual surfaces, but as a result they will not bring you anything more than the rotation of the bezel, which will therefore be replaced to a greater extent sooner or later. I admit that such control is relatively unusual for a person who "rides" for a long time on the touch wave and can seem a bit awkward. In my opinion, however, it is one of the best solutions for controlling the system due to the shape of the watch. The circular display is simply a limit, but in a way beautiful.

I really have to praise the design of the Galaxy Watch 3. If you are a fan of watch classics, you will definitely like it. The round watch simply has something in it, and although the world is gradually getting used to the era of square smartwatches, the round watch may look a little more natural on the hand. A person who wants to have his wrist really smart, but at the same time does not want to stand out from the crowd, so in my opinion he will be satisfied.

As for the agility of the watch, you really can't complain about it. Tizen, which runs in them, has managed to optimize Samsung really well, thanks to which the launch of individual applications or transitions between desktops is absolutely lightning fast. The rendering of colors and the overall display of content is also very nice. The display of the watch is really soft and overall looks good. However, I will not dare to estimate how resilient it will be.

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So we have the first impressions from the news that Samsung introduced only on Wednesday, and now there is nothing left but to start testing them. In this, I would like to focus as much as possible on comparing with their competitors from the world of Apple – namely AirPods (Pro) and Apple Watch. So if you're interested in how a long-time apple maker evaluates the news from the workshop of Apple's biggest competitor, you should definitely not miss the magazine Letem světem Apple in the coming days.

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