The flexible Huawei Mate X will not have Google Apps



  Just a few weeks ago, it seemed that the unfortunate business war between Huawei and the US government had finally reached the negotiating table and everything was headed for a successful end that every customer and mobile technology fan would enjoy. Unfortunately, the opposite is true and the main problem with accessing Huawei to the Android operating system from Google (and especially the Google Apps package) is here again. After the reported troubles of the upcoming Mate 30 Pro, there is another “jobbook” because according to recent reports by Nikkei , Google Apps will not have a revolutionary flexible Huawei Mate X.

  The flexible model Mate Mate X has undergone a very turbulent development in its existence and hardware, because the official performance a few months ago received only delay, as well as the main competition in the form of Samsung Galaxy Fold. The latest real availability date on the market is November, as confirmed by Huawei’s representative Richard Yu at the IFA 2019 in Berlin. Of course, after a similar round of promises, we are slightly suspicious of this date, but we will only hope.
  The potential absence of the Google Apps package is a kiss of death for every phone with respect to Western markets (and even most of Asia) because the user wants complete functionality right out of the box. Of course, just a little more experienced user will quickly find a way to install the missing software package on their own, but in the end it will really hit the sales massively. The whole situation is truly regrettable, as Huawei is once again becoming one of the main hostages of the failed Sino-US negotiations at the government level on trade agreements.

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