The iPhone will arrive with Rebel Cops

Recently, we have one hilarious adventure game after another and developers are definitely not saving us with this genre. One might slowly think that there will be no innovative puns from this industry, but the opposite is true. The creators of HandyGames came up with the sequel to the legendary game This is the Police, or its spiritual successor. The title was released early this year on PC and PS4, but of course the developers have not forgotten even the mobile players that the first part thrilled.

If you love criminal strategy adventure and a little bit of isometric action, you will not miss the hilarious game This is the Police, which went straight to several platforms three years ago and won gaming hearts around the world. Of course, the developers have not abandoned this brand, so we are waiting for iOS to continue, this time named Rebel Cops, which was released on the console and PC a few months ago. As in the first episode, there will be a turn-based combat system, an excellent animated visual aspect, and a plethora of ways to improve your hero. We look into the town of Ripton, where we shine a light on corrupt officials, measure forces with local law enforcement officers, who have gradually moved to the dark side and try to bring order. The key role will again be played by stealth, which was in the forerunner of alpha and omega, and without which your life was of relatively short duration.


Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops

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Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops
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The aim will be to sneak into the headquarters of a criminal organization, quietly remove the criminals, their boss, and, if possible, unnoticed go back to safety. There will be both small, closed missions and vast areas where it will be harder to hide from the enemy. Of course, you will find better equipment and weapons that you can use at will. Of course there will also be side missions, for which you will be able to get some tips from the local, and get to more interesting pieces of deadly objects. Reportedly, the campaign will last up to 15 hours, so there is no shortage of fun and the story is really surprising. We'll see if Rebel Cops is doing well and if he can live up to the name of his spiritual predecessor. The exact release date is not yet known.

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