The memory of the new 27 ″ iMacs (2020) cannot be upgraded, it is soldered to the motherboard

Are you thinking about buying a new iMac and are you tempted to reach for a lower storage configuration, which you may increase over time? Then we have bad news for you. Nothing like that is possible. According to our source from an authorized service, this year's iMacs have SSDs soldered to the motherboards, which makes their replacement virtually impossible.

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While the previous generation of iMacs was relatively easy to upgrade in terms of SSDs, as the drives were not soldered to the board, but only connected with the option of easy disconnection, this year's generation is different. Although Apple has recently been harshly criticized for the unrepairability and non-upgradeability of its products, it has decided to put an end to user enhancements in its latest upgradeable product. So if you are thinking about buying, you have to reach for the right storage variant "for the first good". There will be no room to change your decision in the form of increasing the internal disk storage.

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Jiří Filip

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It can be expected that we will soon see the first analyzes of the news, which will confirm the information about the memory soldered to the motherboard. As usual, iFixit experts will definitely take care of these, thanks to which we will definitely learn about other interesting hardware changes about iMacs (2020).

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