The new AirPods Challenger is here: Samsung introduced Galaxy Buds +

Apple's unshakable position in the wireless handset market will probably not sleep Samsung. A little while ago, he drew out with the next generation of his Galaxy Buds, which he would like to cook Apple and his AirPodům. Whether he succeeds or not shows up to real testing, but on paper looks really nice.

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The main asset of the new Galaxy Buds + is to significantly improve the sound, along with three microphones, which should make all calls through them much better. Also noteworthy is the eleven-hour battery life that Samsung puts Apple headphones easily into your pocket. However, due to the design of Buds, which allows the deployment of knowing a larger battery is probably not too much wonder. What is surprising is the absence of active noise suppression. Galaxy Buds + still rely only on passive noise suppression thanks to their silicone earbuds.


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The newcomers of Samsung will certainly be pleased that the manufacturer promises excellent functionality with iOS. The special Galaxy Buds + application, which has been downloaded for a few days in the App Store and which de facto confirmed the arrival of the headphones relatively long before their official premiere, will help. So if you like this type of headphones and you own an iPhone, you don't have to worry about reaching for them. Their price is 4490 crowns.

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