The new all-in-one Xiaomi Ningmei CR600 is launched

Ningmei CR600

China's Xiaomi "dabble" in virtually all categories of electronics, and their scope is truly respectable. They have an entire army of sub-brands and crowdfunding activities under their control, so the entire ecosystem is extremely intertwined. But personally I don't remember any all-in-one computer from their production, so today's piece of our article may be premier. Anyway, it comes from the Youpin platform and it is a Ningmei CR600 with very solid equipment and good price.

While all-in-one computers suffer from the ills (or giant complexity) of a possible upgrade, they are very popular as a home or business machine. Specifically, the Ningmei CR600 offers a 23.8-inch IPS display with FullHD resolution and Intel Core 9th generation processors, so they are not entirely new models, but still have performance to hand. There is a choice of two processor variants (i3-9100 or i5-9400) and a 512 GB SSD is available, or a combination of 256 GB SSD and 1TB of conventional disk for the highest version.

1581714366 423 The new all in one Xiaomi Ningmei CR600 is launched - The new all-in-one Xiaomi Ningmei CR600 is launched

The monitor of this All-in-one piece also excels in a very decent positioning and the core of the computer is hiding on the back of the monitor in a box of only 10 x 10 cm. Despite this, a full six USB ports are required, four of which are 3.0 versions. The icing on the cake is then the price as expected, because the basic option you buy only for 3199 yuan (or about $ 458). Most likely, however, we will not be able to see this model in global markets, and we can only envy Chinese colleagues again.

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