The new Samsung The Freestyle projector pushes the boundaries. He can handle literally anything

Even before the start of the CES 2022 World Trade Fair, Samsung introduced a brand new projector called The Freestyle, which unrivaledly pushes the boundaries of its field a few steps forward. At first glance, this is an inconspicuous product, but in reality it offers modern technology and perfect versatility. Thanks to this, we also think that The Freestyle could attract not only projector fans in general, but also the general public.

No canvas and anywhere

The main task of the projector is, of course, to project the image, which requires a quality screen. But as we mentioned in the introduction, The Freestyle focuses primarily on versatility, which goes hand in hand with the ability to rotate it by up to 180 °. After all, thanks to this, it can handle projections literally anywhere – on the wall, ceiling, floor or even a table – without you even needing the mentioned screen. In addition, it can project up to a maximum of 100 ”.

Samsung The Freestyle

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Of course, it may occur to you that projecting on a colored wall or table, for example, can cause trouble. In this case, smart technologies are able to take the floor, and they can handle even these cases and optimize the image to the best possible form. This is because the projector can calibrate the colors, even out the image, focus it, and ensure that it is in an ideal position so that you can look at a flawless, regular rectangle. In addition, all this takes place automatically in a matter of seconds.

Compact, comfortable and resonant

Honestly, the projector surprised me the most by how versatile and compact it really is at the same time. According to official information from Samsung, it should not be the slightest problem to put The Freestyle in a backpack, for example, go out with friends and enjoy watching up to 100 "images together. This goes hand in hand with the built-in 360 ° speaker with a power of 5 W, which can sufficiently sound the surroundings.

Samsung The Freestyle

Samsung The Freestyle

samsung the freestyle 2

Samsung The Freestyle

samsung the freestyle

Samsung The Freestyle

samsung the freestyle 4

Samsung The Freestyle

samsung the freestyle 3

Enter the gallery

Of course, the projector must be powered from the mains, but even that does not have to be an obstacle. You can also use the power bank (with USB-C PD50W / 20V output). Subsequently, another option is offered, as The Freestyle can be screwed into the E26 bulb socket. The catch, however, is that this requires an adapter that is currently only certified for the US market. In conclusion, we must not forget to mention one thing. If the projector is not used to project content, a translucent cover can be screwed onto it and turned into mood lighting. At the same time, there is no lack of functions for analyzing the currently playing music, to which the projector can adjust the lighting effects.

Content mirroring

Of course, no such product should support content mirroring today. The Freestyle itself has integrated certified applications (Netflix, YouTube, VOYO, O2TV, T-Mobile TV) and is fully compatible with mirroring from Android and iOS. For example, everything that happens on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE can be immediately seen on the projection itself. This crumb can still be paired with Samsung smart TVs (Q70 series and higher), which will allow users to show regular TV broadcasts. Even if the TV is on or off.

Official information about The Freestyle can be found here

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