The O2 TV application on Apple TV will not arrive immediately

O2 TV is very popular among the Czechs due to its price, program offer, reliability and decent adaptability. However, Vaz is partially hampered by the inability to easily play it on Apple TV. You can mirror O2 TV to Apple TV from any Apple device, but you would look in vain for the O2 TV application on the TVOS App Store. Although its arrival has been predicted by O2 staff for many years, there is still silence on the path in this direction. And according to our information, this will be the case for some time to come.

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The arrival of the O2 TV application on Apple TV has been talked about many times, with the latest speculations revolving around the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, nothing like this has happened and the users of this IPTV still lack the easy possibility of playing it on their smart smart TV box. That's why we decided to contact O2 a few days ago and ask him a simple question – What does it look like with the arrival of the O2 TV application on Apple TV. Unfortunately, the answer we received is not pleasing. Due to development problems, the application will arrive at the end of this year at the earliest – ie in a good six months.

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Source: Redakce Letem světem Applem

It is a question of what O2 takes to develop the application. Competitive IPTV can be found in the App Store on tvOS in a really large number. At the same time, it is definitely not possible to say that their applications would be "sloppy" or non-functional in any way. As a more probable explanation, it now seems more like that there is simply not so much interest in watching O2 via Apple TV that the application deserves a higher development priority. But hopefully we will see her anyway in the near future.

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