The powerful Bluetooth speaker Niceboy PARTY Boy 100W is now up to a quarter cheaper

Commercial message: The future is wireless. Many manufacturers have been following this motto for several years, thanks to which we now have, for example, wireless headphones, mice, keyboards and speakers. If you are currently looking for a really powerful and high-quality wireless speaker that would be able to sound not only rooms, but also outdoor parties, then we have a great tip for you. You can be pleased with the Niceboy PARTY Boy 100W with excellent performance, great battery life and a number of great options.

Powerful speaker with many options

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Let's take a quick look at what this speaker can do. As the name suggests, the main feature is undoubtedly the power, which is 100 W. Thanks to this, the Niceboy PARTY Boy 100W can take care of first-class sound, which is additionally supported by Maxx Bass technology to achieve the best possible quality. It doesn't end here by anyway. Of course, the quality of the transmission is also important, which is taken care of by the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless standard, or the classic AUX can be used. In addition, since it is a piece primarily for parties and similar occasions, the battery life of up to eight hours corresponds to this, while the subsequent charging takes place via the USB-C connector. In terms of sound quality, it can also please a separate equalizer with three preset modes, two 6.3 mm jack inputs for connecting a microphone or musical instruments and the possibility of connecting two of these speakers through the True Wireless function.

Niceboy PARTY Boy 100W

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Despite the high performance, the speaker can be carried relatively comfortably. Its weight is only 4.2 kilograms and it can please even the present handle for easy attachment. In addition, this piece will not be intimidated by worse conditions. The degree of protection IP55 helps in this, which makes it a speaker resistant to water and dust. To make matters worse, it can also create color effects based on the music being played, making evening listening more enjoyable. The package also includes a separate microphone suitable for karaoke, for example. All this can be obtained for the price of CZK 4,499, but now you can buy a Niceboy PARTY 100W up to 25% cheaper!

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