The profits of the App Store will skyrocket over the next five years

On the LsA website, we have already informed you several times that the pandemic situation had a very positive effect on revenues from the App Store. At first glance, this may seem like a short-term trend, but according to the latest news, the App Store will be on the rise for at least another five years. Analyst firm Sensor Tower predicts the App Store could exceed the $ 185 billion milestone over the next few years – "only" $ 72 billion last year.

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In its report, Sensor Tower made several interesting predictions. According to Sensor Tower, the App Store's prospects for the next five years are really very optimistic. In 2025, users could spend as much as $ 270 billion on the App Store, according to this forecast. In its recent report, Sensor Tower further predicts that in the next few years, profits from mobile games could also be surpassed for the first time in the App Store by profits from non-gaming applications. Games for the iPhone and iPad have so far been by far the most user-friendly item – last year, for example, it was $ 48 billion, while non-gaming applications were $ 24 billion. According to Sensor Tower, the App Store will be able to owe the higher profit from traditional applications mainly to the increasingly expanding model of regular subscriptions. The amount users spent on non-gaming applications between 2016 and 2020 increased almost fivefold, while in the case of games it only roughly doubled. As for the Google Play Store, according to Sensor Tower, profits could increase from the current $ 39 billion to $ 85 billion.

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