The retro game Towers of Everland was released on the Apple Arcade

If you happen to be looking forward to another announcement of a new addition to Apple Arcade and you already have most of the existing titles behind you, we have good news for you. Apple did not leave its loyal fans in the lurch and prepared another last year for the players, which this time is aimed mainly at witnesses and lovers of the retro dungeon crawler genre. So if you fell for the adventurous Might and Magic, where you traveled the world in the role of several heroes and fought monsters in various dark corners, you will like Towers of Everland.

Apple Society always comes up with something new that will please a wide range of players and offer an unconventional experience that other studios could only dream of. The new addition to the Apple Arcade is a shining example, as it is a game from the slowly forgotten dungeon crawler genre, a kind of mix of RPG and adventure, which does not lack a well-developed system of improving heroes. However, the only difference is that you play more or less in moves, thanks to which the gameplay is much slower, more thoughtful and the atmosphere denser. In addition, as you progress through the game, you will unlock better statistics, magic items, and other tweaks that will help you in your journey and gradually make you scared of all the monsters in the area.

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Towers of Everland is aimed primarily at witnesses to the good old games, where the atmosphere could be cut and the lack of items and potions was everyday bread. In short, tactics and the ability to arrange oneself according to the current situation play a key role in this act. Are you going to a dungeon full of goblins, who do not have much armor and a poisoned sword will flood them properly? You must make proper preparation before the fight and secure a tactical advantage. Either way, Towers of Everland offers a real experience as it should be and will please both old fighters and newcomers and newcomers who have not yet had anything to do with this genre. So head to the Apple Arcade and embark on dangerous expeditions and heroic adventures.

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