The RPG collection from the old Game Boy from Square Enix is ​​aimed at iPhones

We use the name of the Japanese publisher Square Enix relatively often in our news from the world of mobile gaming. The company is not afraid to move its large catalog of older games to small screens over time. The success among the players this year was celebrated, for example, by the now polished remaster of the eighth part of Final Fantasy or the pixel remake of the first four parts in the same series. And the fact that Square Enix is ​​hard to break away from its most famous brand (yes, I know that Tomb Raider also belongs to the publishing house) is also proved by their newly released "novelty". The collection of three RPG Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend has arrived on the App Store. In the case of these games, however, Square Enix does not attempt any revolutionary remaster.

The strange mixing of the names of the two RPG series in the title is a necessity, thanks to which the re-released games will get to know the audience in the East and in the West. The original trio of games represents the introductory trilogy of the SaGa series, which was later renamed the Final Fantasy Legend when released in North America and Europe for marketing reasons. In the collection itself, you will find the ports of three tactical RPGs from the time of the first Game Boy. So get ready for an authentic visual that once stunned on tiny screens of a few pixels. Today, however, it is more compelling to think about where mobile games have progressed in less than three decades. If you want to boldly go into the game's past, you can download the collection of games on the App Store for 499 crowns.

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