The Samsung Exynos 1000 processor will have graphics from AMD

Exynos 1000

Korean Samsung is stubbornly pushing its Exynos processors into top models in some regions (including ours), and fans aren't thrilled. Although these are very good pieces of silicon, they have recently started to lag behind the main competition from Qualcomm and Huawei. Snapdragons in particular are completely crushed mainly in the performance of the graphics chip and the gaming performance of the phones is really noticeable. At Samsung, they are aware of their shortcomings and so they signed a partnership agreement with AMD last year. And the first fruits of this collaboration should be harvested sometime later this year with the Exynos 1000 processor model.

It was originally assumed that we would see AMD graphics cores in the case of Exynos 990, but unfortunately this did not happen. And owners of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 series can only sigh sadly. Especially when looking at the preliminary results of benchmarks during the testing of new cores called RDNA-GPU in the upcoming Exynos 1000 processors. The increase in performance ranges from 50% to almost 200%, which is not just a small improvement, but a real generational leap.

After all, AMD has a lot of experience with graphics and the world is just shaking on a new generation of consoles equipped with their revolutionary graphics card models. There could also be a small revolution in phones, although it will be a question of how massive power can be used directly by game developers. Because, of course, graphics performance is primarily aimed at games. The new Exynos 1000 processor is expected to be introduced sometime in the last quarter of this year, so it will most likely not have time to launch the Galaxy Note 20 series yet. But the future is definitely rosy, unless you are a fan of Mali… graphics.

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