The Samsung Galaxy S20 dilemma: 120 Hz screen or longer battery life

With the new Galaxy S20 series, Samsung is introducing its first phones with a so-called 120Hz screen. If you later have one of the new devices, you are faced with an interesting choice: a smoother screen and interface, or a longer battery life?

samsung galaxy s20 120hz screen or longer battery life?

Galaxy S20: 128Hz screen and battery life

For some time there have been smartphones on the market with a screen that is more often "refreshed" than the usual 60Hz. For many, however, the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the first phone with a screen that does this 120 times per second. Anyone who has experience with it knows: that looks smoother, and "feels" more natural to use. But there is also a disadvantage. A screen that is refreshed twice as often also consumes a lot more energy. See there: the dilemma of the Galaxy S20.

So on your Galaxy S20 you can choose to enjoy a smoother screen. And really, that's very beautiful. But you can also choose to stick to the familiar 60Hz refresh rate, and enjoy a much longer battery life. As you could read in our Galaxy S20 preview, among other things, Samsung has placed quite large batteries in the new S20 models, with all the associated benefits. But then you must be willing to ignore the option of a 120Hz screen.

Of course you can always adjust the refresh rate yourself in the display settings of your Galaxy S20. Your choice between 120 Hz or a longer battery life is therefore by no means permanent, and changing is easy. But it is an interesting dilemma in which something tells us that most people prefer to use their battery charge longer. What do you think would be your choice?

Only in the FHD 1080p screen mode

You can only use the 120Hz refresh rate if you leave the screen at the (default) FHD resolution. If you prefer to see the full WQHD + resolution – 3200 x 1440 pixels – you can automatically get a 60Hz frequency. We shudder at the thought of the impact that the combination of such a resolution along with a 120Hz frequency would have – although there are plenty of people who would like to have the choice themselves (see this petition).

We understand that all of this is a bit of a theoretical story at the moment. Only with the Galaxy S20 in your hand do you know how beautiful a 120Hz screen is – and how long you can do with a battery charge. So this is a good tip: try out both options later on, if you decide to purchase a Galaxy S20.

Please note: if you do this before March 8, you can get a set of Galaxy Buds + worth € 169 for some models. Check this promotion at Samsung's own shop HERE, or view the details of this Galaxy S20 pre-order promotion.

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