There is a huge interest in AirPods Pro, they sell almost as well as classic AirPods

When Apple introduced the new AirPods Pro wireless headphones to the world at the end of last year, it encountered conflicting reactions. One group of apple growers was very grateful to them due to their great properties or shape, but the other, on the contrary, was outraged by the relatively high price he charges for them. Over time, however, it turns out that there are more apples from the first group. AirPods Pro are literally a bestseller.

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Roman Zavřel

15. 11. 2019


Although they charge 7290 crowns for Apple's AirPods Pro in the Czech Republic, they were hopelessly sold out in the first weeks of sales. The fact that there is still great interest in them is also confirmed by the sources of the Asian portal DigiTimes, according to which their sales should match the classic version of AirPods by the end of this year. Altogether, AirPods' sales this year should amount to 82 million units, which is an absolutely incredible number of accessories alone.

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The main sales boom of AirPods and AirPods Pro can be expected with the arrival of the 12 iPhone. Apple will not include the classic wired EarPods, which, according to the vast majority of analysts, will force their users to buy wireless AirPods. In addition, the upcoming Christmas holidays will be reflected in sales, which AirPods will most likely dominate, as in previous years. However, no sales decline can be expected next year either. Apple's workshops are already preparing new model lines, which should be released within the next year and which will be signed again to pump sales.

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