There is finally the March update for the Samsung Galaxy A8

Today finally comes a new security update on Samsung's Galaxy A8 from 2018. This contains the patch of March, so the device is still not really up to date.

samsung galaxy a8 update march 2020

Galaxy A8 update March 2020

Even more than two years after its release in January 2018, Samsung still has the Galaxy A8 on its list of devices, which receive the new security patches every month. That is not strange. Phones that receive the updates every month usually do this up to three years after the sales start. All this does not alter the fact that the updates for the device have not gone smoothly lately.

After Samsung did not release an update for the Galaxy A8 in January, the damage was only made up in February. After that it remained silent for almost two months – until today. A large 256MB update provides the device with firmware version A530FXXSBCTC3. And while it's already well over April, this update includes the March security patch. It contains 23 fixes for the Android OS itself, and 25 improvements for Samsung's own interface – although not all of them are relevant to the Galaxy A8. However, the fixes for the security of the lock screen and for the Exynos processor in the A8 are.

galaxy a8 update march 2020 changelog a530fxxsbctc3

Why the Samsung has been faltering lately when updating the Galaxy A8 is unknown to us. The March update is now coming very late, leaving only a few weeks to offer the April update. Let's see if it will roll out on time. It is a bit crazy, because the South Koreans in many models are currently striking because of their early available patches.


The new update is now available on the Dutch and Belgian, unbranded version of the Galaxy A8. The update had already rolled out a few days earlier on branded models from Vodafone and T-Mobile. You will automatically receive a notification that you can start downloading – or check the availability manually via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Have you discovered any more changes after installation? Let us know below!

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