This app will teach your Mac to switch between light and dark looks based on the light around you

Although Macy can use Dark Mode, or if you want a dark look from macOS 10.14 Mojave, it's still no terno in terms of functionality. The possibilities that Apple offers for customizing the dark look are still limited, which is why this tweak is not as popular as it could be. But that could change, at least in part, with the new DarkModeBuddy.

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Currently, you can set a dark look either, so to speak, hard, or set it to switch automatically depending on the time of day or dusk and dawn. The newly released DarkModeBuddy application then brings another option for Macs to activate dark mode, specifically depending on the light around the Mac. The application uses an ambient brightness sensor in the computer display to function, through which it evaluates the lighting conditions around it and then activates the light or dark mode according to them. How much light you need to record through the sensor to switch appearances is customizable, as is how long the light level around the Mac must be maintained for switching (this eliminates frantic switching, for example, when the lights are turned on in the evening in a dark room) .

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Amaya Tomanová Jan 12, 2020 0

The application was developed by developer Guilherme Rambo, whom you can remember as one of the best leaks on the iPhone X from 2017, but also as a developer working with the 9to5mac portal, who has been able to find information about upcoming products in the Apple OS bet code several times in recent months. . As for the price of the application, it is set to "choose for yourself". The application is sold through Gumroad, which allows you to pay for the software in any amount or not pay for it at all and take it from the developer for free. In our opinion, however, it is definitely worth at least a few dollars.

You can download the DarkModeBuddy application here

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