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Launching sales of the most powerful and most expensive computer in Apple's history is coming soon. As early as December, the first pieces of Mac Pro, which were unveiled to the world as early as June WWDC, will be seen at the store shelves and the Apple Online Store. However, if you think we will be able to unveil the design of the packaging in which Apple will sell the novelty in December, then you are wrong.


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US President Donald Trump, accompanied by his daughter Ivanka and Apple boss Tim Cook, visited a Texas factory where new Macs Pro are being built yesterday. It was this visit that revealed the design of the package, as it took several photos, which she placed on her Instagram Ivanka Trump. Thanks to it, we already know that the packaging of the new Mac Pro will not get too excited, as it will be de facto standard white paper box, which will have moldings and apparently textile handles for better transport. Of course, the box will also include Apple's logo, product name and its relatively small image. The box itself seems relatively large at first glance, although Mac Pro is at least quite small according to the photos. Larger dimensions apparently required accessories that will be included.

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  Jiří Filip Nov 9, 2019 16

The exact date for launching Mac Pro sales has not yet announced Apple. On the occasion of the MacBook Pro show last Wednesday, he said in a press release that he counted on December, which was generally expected for a few weeks. Previous versions of Mac Pro and iMac Pro were also released in December, about a week before Christmas. It can be assumed that even this model will arrive at the store counters + – in this period.

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