This is likely to be the home screen of your iPhone in iOS 14

The upcoming iOS 14 should bring one of the biggest design and functional changes of iOS operating system in recent years. The leaked code of the system revealed a few days ago that Apple is going to allow the iPhone home screen to add widgets in addition to applications in a much more interesting form than it is now on iPadOS. Widgets should not be attachable to just one location, but should be placed anywhere, making them better suited to the iPhone Home Screen design. If you still can't imagine this improvement, we'll try to help you with the following concept.


IOS 14 widgets widgets-ios-14-1

IOS 14 widgets widgets-ios-14-2
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The relatively large amount of information about iOS 14 widgets gives rise to the first concepts that are based on this information, and thus de facto reveal the appearance of this improvement in advance. Today, designer Parker Ortolani, whose creation you can see on the side of this paragraph, came up with one great success. As you can see, widgets look like classic apps in the iOS 14 concept, as they partially copy the shapes of app icons, even if they take up much more space on their desktop. Nevertheless, it does not appear to be a nuisance, but on the contrary, it makes the user interface more pleasant and makes it more user-friendly. This is because they display information that would otherwise be viewable either when the application starts or when you enter the widget center. It would be a useful novelty.

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Home Screen on iOS 14

iOS 14 is likely to bring support for widgets on the iPhone home screen


Jiří Filip

If Apple actually adds widgets to iOS 14, it's virtually clear that their use will leave the purely user's volunteer. In other words, if you don’t want to use these views, you will be able to stay free to see the classic app icons, and their widgets will still be visible in the widget center, as they are now. Adding this news will be more of an added value to iOS, which will again be slightly more customizable, which has recently been increasingly required. Whether we will see the news or not, however, will show until June and WWDC, which will introduce iOS 14 to the world.

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