This is the new drill that Xiaomi puts on sale under its MiJia brand

Since the success of the MiJia electric screwdriver, Xiaomi has not released a new product under its eco-friendly brand for DIY for a long time. The latest novelty from Xiaomi is its Mijia Electric Smart Drill, its new smart drill.

It is equipped with a brushless electric motor that offers a torque force of up to 30Nm at 1400 rpm. In addition, it has intelligent functions that are capable of adjusting its torque according to the established configuration, offering a better result through wood or metal while taking care of its mechanics.

This new drill maintains the ergonomic design of the MiJia electric screwdriver although with a larger size to house its powerful motor. It also has a quick change system that allows us to easily change the bit or tip used.

This drill has 3 modes of use and has up to 30 speed levels. It allows adjusting the direction of rotation and its activation button is sensitive to pressure, applying speed according to the force we exert on it. Configurations that the user can establish through the screen that is located on the back of the drill itself.

It is powered by a 2,000mAh battery which is capable of offering a range of up to 550 uses at maximum power according to Xiaomi. And it can be recharged through a USB Type C port.

Price and availability of the new Xiaomi Mijia drill

Xiaomi's new Mijia Electric Smart Drill will begin its sale tomorrow, April 2, in China only at a price of 499 yuan, € 65 at the exchange rate. Although initially it will not leave the Asian country, we will soon be able to acquire it in different resellers and we hope that after the success of its electric screwdriver, Xiaomi will incorporate this new gadget to its international catalog.

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