This is what the iPhone 13 will look like in the (PRODUCT) RED variant

The look of this year's iPhone 13 is no longer a secret. Thanks to the recent leaks of 3D diagrams, we already know almost the first and last about it, thanks to which even very precise concepts reflecting their design in various color variants can now begin to emerge. One of these appeared a few hours ago on the coverpigtou portal, which in the past presented several successful Apple product concepts based on leaked schemes. This time, he unveiled the iPhone 13 to the world in the popular color variant (PRODUCT) RED.

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IPhone Scheme 13 Pro

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iPhone 13 Apple iPhone 13 12S 6-1 all sides

iPhone 13 Apple iPhone 13 12S 6-1 back

iPhone 13 Apple iPhone 13 12S 6-1
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The concept, which you can see in the gallery next to this paragraph, captures in detail both the smaller cutout in the phone display and the otherwise arranged lenses in the photo module on the back of the phone. According to the available information, Apple can use a narrower cutout thanks to a combination of reducing the components for Face ID and moving the upper telephone speaker from the cutout to the display frame or phone. Whether Apple will use more space around the display to expand the capabilities of the status bar, or "just" let it display more multimedia content, however, is still in the stars. As for the camera, the different placement of the lenses required their enlargement, most likely related to the use of larger sensors, as well as a new type of stabilization (specifically, the shift of the sensor). However, the consolation for users can be at least the fact that, according to the available information, the entire photo module should be more embedded in the back of the phone this year, thanks to which it would not have to be too disruptive. But it doesn't quite seem that way from the concept.

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