This year's arrival of the first Apple products with mini LED displays confirmed by another source

That Apple has another relatively big revolution planned for this year in the field of displays for its products is almost a public secret. The preparations of displays with mini LED backlighting that can be used on iPads or Macs have been rumored for quite a few months now, and even according to the most accurate sources, their use is highly probable – even this year. This has now been confirmed by other sources from Apple's supply chain DigiTimes portal.

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Sources DigiTimes specifically claim that Apple has already agreed on the production of mini LED backlit displays with the Taiwanese company Ennostar, which is to start working on them at the end of the first or beginning of the second quarter of this year. However, the agreement is to cover only 12.9 "models, which means that the 11" iPad Pro will probably not be avoided, or at least Apple will sell it "only" with a worse Liquid Retina display, as it is now. As for the other technical specifications of the 12.9 ”iPad Pro, its heart should be the A14X chipset – a branch of the A14 from the iPhone 12 with an improved graphics component. Users should also see support for 5G networks.

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In addition to iPads Pro, the first Macs are to be used this year with the display of mini LED backlights – specifically the MacBooks of the Pro series. Their performances are expected by sources in the second half of this year, with the addition of a new type of displays bringing a brand new design based on iPad Pro or iPhone 12. So we can look forward to sharp edges and minimal frames around the display, thanks to which machines should act on knowledge with a more modern impression than it is now. However, the question is how the upgrade will affect their total price, which is already relatively high for existing MacBook Pros.

As for the features of displays with mini LED backlighting, these can be compared with a bit of exaggeration to the features of OLED panels. Compared to the currently used Liquid Retinas and Retinas, they should offer significantly more vivid colors, much higher contrast, more perfect black, high brightness, but also minimal energy consumption, which would make them suitable for iPhones and Apple Watches.

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