ThundeRobot King Kong K70R Review

A good keyboard can help you play games well and do works better. This is also a factor in the popularity of mechanical keyboards in recent years. Machanical keyboard has a good feel, long life and fine workmanship. These have become the advantages of mechanical keyboards compared to traditional keyboards. We know that the most suitable mechanical keyboard for gaming is the red axis keyboard. An original cherry mechanical keyboard has become the dream of many e-sports players. However, the original Cherry keyboard still needs a lot of budgets for students. So is there a mechanical keyboard with a low budget, a close to the original red axis, and backlights? The answer is Yes! It is ThundeRobot King Kong K70R that you can pay attention to.

ThundeRobot King Kong K70R Review

People who are familiar with the PC market must be familiar with ThundeRobot. Their games laptops are very famous. They have a very good reputation in the e-sports field because of their high cost performance. ThundeRobot King Kong K70R uses ThundeRobot’s custom-made axis (also named red axis, but not the original Cherry axis). It feels very close to the original axis and adds two-color LED breathing backlight. It has 104 full-size keyboard and all-aluminum alloy integrated molding base.
The keyboard is full size, with a separate keypad. Dimensions are 435mm long, 124mm wide and 40.5mm high.

ThundeRobot King Kong K70R Review

The USB cable is made of nylon and has a cable tie. The quality is quite reliable.

ThundeRobot King Kong K70R Review

Let’s talk about the handle. I did not find any official information. The actual experience feels indeed closer to the original red axis. The biggest feature is that the trigger has no relay at all. It is especially suitable for FPS games. However, for the regular coding, because there is no relay, it is not as good as the tea axis and the green axis.

ThundeRobot King Kong K70R Review

As mentioned earlier, the key caps have matte textures. They have no paint drops for a long time, so you can rest assured.

ThundeRobot King Kong K70R Review

F1~F12 are designed with many composite functions, which can be switched by Fn+ keys.

The keyboard has only two color backlights – red and blue. But it is better than nothing.

ThundeRobot King Kong K70R has an aluminum alloy integrated molding base with the screws around. So it looks very mechanical. The keyboard is very solid and heavy, and the quality is quite good.

The base is also solid and has support pads.

The fast response is the most obvious gaming experience. With large area red backlight, blue backlight on the arrow keys, the sight effect is still very good.

Then let’s talk about the shortcomings. ThundeRobot King Kong K70R does not have a wrist rest. And the software is not so good. The functions are not so many.

In summary, compared to the original Cherry mechanical keyboard, ThundeRobot King Kong K70R wins in appearance. The red axis is closer to the original Cherry. And the keyboard quality is very good. The multimedia function keys are also very rich. It is a very competitive price-performance keyboard, suitable for people with low budget.

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