Tim Cook: Jobs 'Think Different' is still deeply rooted in Apple

Tim Cook attended Salesforce's San Francisco Dreamforce conference this week, where he had a joint interview with Marc Benioff from Salesforce's leadership. Especially Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac have been discussed and how these products are used in the entertainment industry. But there was also a discussion of Apple's focus on innovation, Tim Cook's relationship with Steve Jobs, and other attractive topics.


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The conference is held annually in San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center, where Steve Jobs introduced some of Apple's products, as Tim Cook also mentioned in an interview. "I can feel him and his presence here whenever I come here," he admitted, stating that, after Jobs's death, he most of all lacks mutual friendship. "Every day he left his office earlier than I did, but he always stopped by me and exchanged notes on that day," he said, recalling how Jobs often left the preset scenario to make others laugh reliably.

In an interview, Cook also talked about what Apple was focusing on when it entered a brand new market. In this context, he said that Apple had never intended to be first, but rather to be the best, and therefore always resisted the temptation to strive for the largest market share and further primacy. Cook also admitted that he still follows the legendary think different slogan. "Think Different" is still very deeply rooted in Apple, "he said. "But we don't want to play the game the way it was designed for decades or centuries, we want to play a new game," he added. He also emphasized Apple's efforts to protect the environment in order to "leave the world in better shape than we found it". The complete video of the interview should be posted on Salesforce in the near future.

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