Tim Cook revealed Apple's plans for the future

Tim Cook's annual meeting with Apple shareholders took place last night, this time in virtual form only due to circumstances. During this occasion, Cook usually takes stock and evaluates the past year with several interesting insights into the near future, while answering questions from individual shareholders. However, no major product innovations are usually discussed, and this year's meeting was no exception. Still, several points of interest were voiced.

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Cook practically reiterated to the shareholders the conclusions made during the conference call on the occasion of the publication of the latest economic results of the company. According to Cook, 2020 was marked by major innovations, in which Apple created "the best, most usable, most innovative and safest products on the market." This year, the company intends to continue this trend.

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He did not forget to forget that Apple is preparing very interesting things for this year regarding the new iPhones, at the same time we have something to look forward to in the field of computers. He did not reveal any specific information, but his words are in line with relatively high expectations regarding iPhones 13 and new Macs with innovated Apple Silicon processors.

Last year's news – HomePod mini and AirPods Max are, according to him, a considerable success, not only for users, but also for reviewers and the professional public. Their sales during the Christmas holidays made them a "huge success".

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Cook further recapitulated that the company has bought about a hundred different companies in the last six years and its acquisition appetite continues to subside. Apple is reportedly not afraid of possible acquisitions of almost any entity, but the company is trying to focus on small and highly specialized companies, thanks to whose acquisition it will be possible to move the capabilities and possibilities of products even further.

In terms of ecology and the environment, Apple is reportedly well on its way to achieving its "most ambitious success ever" by achieving full carbon neutrality by 2030, including the entire supply chain. The company's long-term goal is to create products that will not deplete any resources from planet Earth.

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Cook also devoted part of his speech to the issue of privacy and its protection, ie in an area in which Apple is strongly involved and is very audible. Apple's privacy efforts – whether it's the terms and conditions of the App Store, the new Privacy Labels, or the iOS / macOS level changes that give users a complete view of their data – are just an example of how industry to move forward in the future. However, the question is whether Apple will be followed by other giants in this regard. Finally, Cook added that he is very optimistic about Apple's future. He sees the global pandemic and other potential hardships as challenges, not obstacles, and Apple will continue to strive to offer the best possible products that will further develop and help our civilization.

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