Uber Eats has a 100 CZK discount on St. Martin's menu

On the occasion of the celebration of St. Martina has prepared a special promo code SVMARTIN for Czech customers, which will reduce the price of the order by CZK 100. The code is valid for all orders starting at $ 10, and each customer can use it up to 3 times between Saturday (Nov 9) 10:00 and Monday (Nov 11) 11:59 PM. For St. Martin's Day, Prague customers can order the entire St. Martin's menu home or office through the Uber Eats application, which will publish a special St. Martin's selection of wines and meals offered by selected partner restaurants on Monday 11 November.

Dagmar Svejkovska, owner Svejk Restaurant Strasnice, which to celebrate st. Martina will offer her customers goose thighs, duck pate with cranberries or roasted pear, as much as she appreciates the four-month cooperation with Uber Eats. ”According to Josef Kočovský from the restaurant U vodárny, the turnover increased after cooperation with Uber Eats by at least 10%. From Friday to Monday, the restaurant offers its customers plum or goose pate, while Uber Eats has been using food for over a year.

Alena Vaněčková, co-owner of the restaurant U Ztracenejch, which in addition to roast goose also serves St. Martin's homemade cakes as part of the St. Martin's menu, confirms the increase in turnover after cooperation with Uber Eats by approximately 30%. “Through Uber Eats, we deliver about a third of lunch. The biggest advantage for us is that if our own couriers do not manage to deliver, we can set up Uber Eats couriers in the system. ”

“Uber Eats's biggest advantage in restaurants is undoubtedly the ability to stop working on logistics and devote all of its energy to what they do best and with passion, which is great food,” says Tomáš Peťovský, CEO of Uber Eats in the Czech Republic and adds: “Over the world, we have seen over and over again that Uber Eats is a great partner for restaurants of all sizes, helping them reach new customers, build their brand presence in the digital space, and also experiment by offering new food and on the contrary, download them from the menu for a few seconds. ”

The Uber Eats application has been operating in the Czech Republic since August 2018. Through this delivery platform, more and more restaurants are serving customers worldwide, from small stores to McDonald's global chains. Among other things, Uber Eats helps cooperating restaurants with menu adjustments and faster pick-up and delivery.

Uber Eats has a 100 CZK discount on St. Martin39s - Uber Eats has a 100 CZK discount on St. Martin's menu

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