Unusual iOS game Alley will show you what it looks like in a nightmare

Once in a while, an apple system will appear on the apple system that wipes players off, even though it doesn't have a million budget and is not shrouded in marketing campaigns, it can succeed. Alley, a new relaxing walk through a nightmare from goGame, could also be a game. Indeed, these developers are no amateurs and have a number of hilarious titles, including Dragon Project and Three Kingdom Domination. But this time, instead of a magical country, we look into the dream of a young girl.

The goGame studio might not say much to most players, but they are creators behind iconic titles. The company could make another hole in the world with the latest Alley game, which follows the story of a young girl who gets stuck in her own nightmare and is up to us to free her. The game builds on the atmosphere, so do not expect action fights, epic music or timeless graphics. Instead, however, you can look forward to a gloomy story, a tension that won't let you breathe out for a while, and a beautiful visual that builds on the contrast of colors and simple but eye-catching shapes. Just as easy to operate, all you do is to hold your finger on the screen and in case of danger repeatedly tap the screen.


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But don't think that you can get out of darkness so easily. Prim will play the timing, because you have to avoid dangerous pitfalls and at the same time not stand in place for too long, or the girl will engulf the surrounding monsters. You will be directed forward by the light balls you encounter during your wandering nightmare. Of course, you will not miss the diverse levels of 29, and the ability to collect stars for which you can buy clothes and customize your character. However, it is certainly a pleasant snack and a philosophical pun that will force you to argue over the story a few days after it is finished. So if you dare to venture into the world of your own fears, head to the App Store and download Alley for free.

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