Updates: Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite (Android 12), Note 20 (Jan patch)

While the Dutch Galaxy Note 10 is still waiting for Android 12, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will already receive the upgrade. And if you purchased your Galaxy S10 Lite from Vodafone at the time, you can also get started. The January security patch is now ready for the Note 20 – which Android 12 previously received.

Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Lite update: Android 12 and One UI 4

The Android 12 upgrade for the Galaxy Note 10 started a while ago. In fact, in Belgium it has been available for about a week – including One UI version 4, and all new and modified gadgets. Unfortunately, you can still not download it on Dutch devices. For the Note 10 Lite, on the other hand, the upgrade is ready. And the first Galaxy S10 Lite users can also download it – but only on Vodafone branded models, for now.

The more than 2GB upgrade arrives in the form of firmware N770FXXU8FUL7 on the Note 10 Lite, and firmware version G770FXXS6FULA on the S10 Lite from Vodafone. This includes the January security patch with the Note 10 Lite, while the S10 Lite still runs on the December patch.

Both devices will receive Android version 12, and of course the One UI 4 interface. This brings cool new features such as Color Palette, an improved Always On Display, and new privacy features. You can read more about the changes in our other coverage of the innovations in One UI 4.

Because the upgrade is quite large, it will take longer for the devices to optimize again after installation. Keep in mind that the battery of your S10 Lite or Note 10 LIte will empty faster than you are used to in the hours or days after the upgrade. After some time, the energy consumption returns to normal.


As mentioned, you can now install the Android 12 upgrade on the Note 10 Lite in the Netherlands and Belgium. At the time of writing, you can only update the S10 Lite if you have a Vodafone branded device – or a Belgian one. It is not yet available for unbranded telephones from the Netherlands, although that will undoubtedly change in the short term.

Galaxy Note 20 update January 2022

By the way: the Galaxy Note 20 received the Android 12 update a week or two ago. It then arrived with the security patch from December last year. You can now download and install firmware version N986BXXS3EULH on the device. This fixes this last 'fault', and ensures that the device gets the January patch.

This means that the Note 20 has had a busy update month, and will hopefully end up in calmer waters in terms of updates and upgrades – at least until February.


The new patch is now available on all unbranded Note 20 (Ultra) models in the Netherlands and Belgium. If you have a branded model from Vodafone or T-Mobile, you have to bite the bullet. These device versions are still waiting for the major Android 12 upgrade.

Have you provided your Lite with Android 12, or your Note 20 with the latest patch? Did everything go well, or are there unexpected bugs popping up?

(Thanks to everyone who reported it to us!)

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