Viber comes with new features for online education

Rakuten Viber, the world's leading application for secure communication, presents innovations that will help teachers, parents and students communicate better. The communication application, owned by the Japanese group Rakuten, brings the opportunity to organize quizzes in groups and communities, allowing teachers to easily and quickly find out what students' knowledge in a selected area or subject.

In addition, organizing a quiz is very simple:

Choose the community or group where you want to organize the quiz and click on the poll icon in the bottom bar
Choose the mode for quizzes, write a question, enter the answers and, if you want, an explanation of why the answer is correct
Choose the correct answer and click "create"

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Members of the group or community can see how the options are represented in the answers, but they will only find out the correct answer and a brief explanation of the answer after they have answered themselves. The answers of individuals remain hidden in the communities even for the person who created the quiz. In groups, the author of the quiz sees the individual answers. This new feature is useful for anyone who needs to check with others to see if they understand anything, what their knowledge is, or just for fun.

"At the end of last school year, the transition to online education took on a whole new form. The gradual process became something that needed to be addressed immediately. Within a few days, the educational process shifted from school classrooms to the home environment. Students, teachers and parents have created many communities on Viber to help them with communication and education in general. If we look at the numbers of community users in the same period a year earlier, we will see that this number has doubled this year. This proves that Viber is a useful tool in this new age, "said Anna Znamenskaya – Chief Growth Officer at Rakuten Viber.

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Viber is committed to maximally supporting and expanding tools suitable for education. He introduced several innovations for students, teachers and parents. Improved galleries or comments in notes are now being added to alert you to upcoming dates. For those who also want to share something fun, there is the possibility to create their own GIFs or stickers and also respond to messages. Voice or video messages are also a great way to communicate something quickly and in person.

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