Voyage Pelta Leather Case Review: Give your MacBook a luxurious jacket

In today's review, we'll take a look at an add-on that shouldn't be missed by any MacBook owner. Apple's state-of-the-art laptops deserve a proper, and above all, stylish case, and that's something Pelta leather and handmade cases from Voyage should be. A total of three pieces landed in the newsroom, so let's take a look at them.

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Even the first look at the packaging suggests that it will not be a normal package for a few hundred, of which there is a huge amount on the market. Tasteful handmade envelope made of recycled paper, on one side with a printed Voyage logo, on the other side with a tasteful "seal" with the inscription Handmade for you and a piece of leather, the color of which indicates the color of the package, which is located under the paper.


After unpacking, you will receive a luxuriously made product made of very fine premium Italian leather, which also smells very pleasant. At first glance, it is a quality craftsmanship. The case is made of two pieces of leather, which are sewn together with a flawless seam of thread in the same color, which gives the package an interesting and unobtrusive detail. On the inside of the case is a lining made of natural wool felt from 100% sheep wool, which protects your MacBook from scratches and dampens various shocks. In our case, we have a brown, dark green and black color variant of the packaging, and while black is very decent to slightly indistinct, brown is very effective and over time, the patina will probably show the most on it. The dark green variant is also relatively decent. The manufacturer offers even more color variants, so everyone can choose. Personally, I would choose between brown and red, but appearance is a purely subjective matter.


The Voyage logo is embossed on the front of the cover, the rest of the ear is without other design elements and thus looks very elegant. The edges and overall leatherwork is perfect. The ear retains its characteristic elements such as various scars, wrinkles or small changes in pigmentation, thanks to which the natural material stands out perfectly. In addition, a patina will appear on the skin during use, which will further improve the appearance and each package will have a completely original look.

The size and, above all, the accuracy of the cut are very important for the packaging. This is perfect for these cases, the MacBook sits very tightly in them, so there is no risk of its accidental ejection. Thanks to the precise cut, the case does not increase the overall size of the laptop too much, which you will especially appreciate when carrying in places where the MacBook itself fits just like that – such as backpack pockets, handbags or other luggage. In addition, the manufacturer offers the option of embossing its own monogram with a maximum length of up to 7 characters, or the production of a slightly modified model that will fit similar products (Dell XPS, PixelBook, etc.). The packaging is produced annually in Prague 4 and the delivery time is around three working days.


Voyage handmade cases are available for a wide range of MacBooks, as well as iPhones and iPads. At the same time, there is a huge number of color combinations, which you can see in full detail on the manufacturer's website (here). LSA readers have the opportunity to use the "LSA7" discount coupon until February 8, thanks to which they will receive a 7% discount on the entire order.

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