We know the manufacturer of 5G antennas for iPhones 12 and iPad Pro

That this year's iPhones and possibly iPad Pro will receive support for 5G networks, which are beginning to expand in the world, is already widely known due to many leaks. However, the technical details, including the manufacturer of special antennas that 5G requires, have been shrouded up to now. However, this is changing due to news from Asia. According to them, Taiwanese manufacturer Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, which has a long-term relationship with the California giant, will become one of the manufacturers of 5G antennas for iPhones and iPads.


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Advanced Semiconductor Engineering is involved, for example, in testing and manufacturing RF modules and Wi-Fi modules used in iPhones and Apple Watch. In this respect, it seems that the Apple decided to use it for other important components for its products – namely antennas. According to the information available, these should support both sub-6GHz technology and faster mmWave speeds of over 1 gigabit per second. The manufacture of antennas is relatively complex, which could be reflected in the arrival of individual products with 5G. In other words, Apple cannot be expected to introduce several products supporting this technology at the same time, as it would probably not be able to deliver them too quickly due to the complexity.

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The introduction of the iPhone with 5G support is scheduled for autumn, specifically for September. In the first half of the year should be traditional Keynote focused on news for the end of this year, among which will be the main player just the iPhone. As for the 5G iPad Pro, they could theoretically arrive in just a few months. However, while in the case of iPhone 5G is referred to as done, for iPads we are still in the plane of speculation and it may well happen that the new generation of iPads Pro 5G will not offer.

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