Western Digital: New ArmorLock security platform and new NVMe SSD presented

The company Western Digital, which specializes in storage solutions, has presented its new security platform ArmorLock and, to match, the first NVMe SSD encrypted with G-Technology ArmorLock. The aim of the new ArmorLock encryption technology is to create a secure data infrastructure that "should meet the various security requirements of data-centric and confidential applications in various industries such as government, healthcare, IT companies and media". The new technology will gradually be implemented in more and more storage solutions from Western Digital.

The first hard drive equipped with the storage platform is the G-Technology ArmorLock-encrypted NVMe SSD from Western Digital. In contrast to password-based encryption technologies, which, according to the manufacturer, prevent rapid availability of digital content, the ArmorLock platform offers a high level of security that enables control over who can access data and when.

Various technologies cover the ArmorLock product lifecycle from manufacture to ready-to-use setup, on-site updates, and configuration and key management. These are directly linked to hardware-supported modules and biometric protection on some smartphone and desktop platforms. This can improve the handling of critical data. Users no longer have to compromise between privacy and access, as the platform offers both. – Western Digital

At the same time, the company is also announcing that it will make its core cryptography library "Sweet B", on which the ArmorLock platform is based, accessible as open source.

The main features of the ArmorLock security platform:

Manufacturing technologies that equip devices with an anchor of trust and a digital product authenticity certificate
Easy and reliable firmware updates provided through the application
Third-party validated open source core cryptography to defend against side-channel attacks
Sandbox smartphone and desktop applications are provided via on-platform app stores – no special installer required
Communication over wireless and wired connections with certificate-based zero-touch provisioning
Passwordless authentication and key agreement technology that combines encryption with hardware-secured biometric identification
Public key management without prior knowledge to protect privacy even if the ArmorLock device is lost

Regarding the new ArmorLock NVMe SSD it is said that it can offer read and write speeds of up to 1000 MB / s and has a SuperSpeed ​​USB port with 10 Gbit / s. With the ArmorLock app, the device can be unlocked wirelessly via the smartphone using face recognition, fingerprints or the mobile phone's PIN code. The company's corresponding mobile and desktop applications allow multiple drives to be configured and managed.

Further features of the SSD and the ArmorLock app:

Simple setup and activation with the smartphone via the app
256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption
Secure deletion and reformatting to the preferred file system in one step
Keeps track of the last known hard drive location on a map
On-site updates for continuous security support, improvements and new functions
Ultra-robust housing with IP67 dust / water resistance, up to 3 meters drop protection and 450 kg pressure resistance

The new ArmorLock NVMe SSD is already available in the Western Digital online shop and at selected retailers (also in DE), offers a capacity of 2 TB and is expected to cost around 600 euros. The ArmorLock app is available for both iOS and macOS free of charge.

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