What did Elon Musk borrow from Steve Jobs's Cybertruck introduction?

Thursday's unveiling of Cybertruck by Tesla is still declining in all the falls. Some of you may have noticed some form of introducing some of the products from Apple when Elon Musk was leaving the stage, but at the last minute he stopped and turned to the audience saying, “And by the way, we did ATV, ”then a Cybertruck electric off-road four-wheeler entered the scene.





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The whole event, including the introduction of a new addition to Tesla's electric cars, was quite wild in many ways, and even the Cybertruck's performance was apparently not exactly on schedule. The 'unbreakable' glass of the car broke twice during the presentation, and Elon Musk, of course, lost confidence for a short while. But it quickly recovered when Tesla's "One More Thing" moment came. Musk did not literally repeat the legendary Jobs sentence, but he paused, pretended a moment's thought, said "We have …" – and the enthusiastic audience exclaimed "one more thing" in a moment. The helper who arrived on the quad opened the Cybertruck's hull with a few movements and rushed into it without difficulty, while Musk presented her qualities with enthusiastic audience acclaim.

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  Jiří Filip Nov 22, 2019 17

There is no doubt that this moment Musk has looked away from the most competent. Steve Jobs has used the legendary "One more thing" thirty-one times during his time at Apple. The first was the 1999 iMac G3 in various colors, most recently the iTunes Match at WWDC 2011. Elon Musk is often compared to Steve Jobs, although he didn't seem to have had much of Apple's co-founder: “When we met together once , he was kind of a jerk, ”he said about Jobs in 2015 in one of his interviews. But “One More Thing” is a great concept, introduced by a man who really excelled in public presentations – why would Musk not borrow it?

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