What is Petal Search and how do you use it to search apps on your Huawei

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(Pocket Ribbon) – Since Huawei's much-discussed fallout with the US, severe restrictions have been placed on the company. For smartphone users, that meant – unfortunately – they couldn't install Google Play Services on their phones launched after May 2019. And that means you have to rely on creative ways to keep all your favorite apps.

One method is to use the Phone Clone feature to transfer apps from your old Android device to your new Huawei device (which has its limits), another is to find APKs for your apps from unofficial sources. However, the installation process can be a bit cumbersome. Or at least, it was before Petal Search landed in Huawei's App Gallery.

What is Petal Search?

As the name suggests, Petal Search is a search app. It was built by Aspiegel Limited (an Ireland-based Huawei subsidiary).

It allows you to search the web for images, videos, news, and everything else. It uses Bing's search engine by default. However, for Huawei phone users, it also acts as an easy way to install apps from unofficial sources such as APKMirror and APKPure.

You can use it to search for the apps you are missing and then install them directly from the app without having to manually navigate to those external sources. You can even use it to update existing apps.

How do I install it?

That is simple. Petal Search is available from Huawei's App Gallery, so just look it up there and download it like any other app on a Huawei phone.

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How can I get Facebook, Messenger, Google Maps or any other app with it?

As mentioned at the beginning, Petal Search is a search tool, so the easy way to find apps is to search for them in the search field at the top of the app. You can tap the apps tab to make sure you're only looking for downloadable apps instead of generic web results or images.

After you search – and hit enter, a list of results will appear with all the relevant apps from a variety of external sources. This can be different APK download sites and Huaweis App Gallery all in one place.

An interesting point to note here: when we searched for Facebook, the source of the app download was Facebook itself, so you don't even have to go through a third party for that.

To install an app (once you've found the one you're looking for), just tap install, then Petal will take you to the source and immediately start downloading. You will get a popup message asking if you want to allow Petal Search to install apps, as well as a check box to ask your Huawei phone to check the app download for any security risks before installing it.

After you download it, you can use it in the normal way. It's a pretty straightforward process and should mean you can get almost any app you use. That even includes some Google apps. For example, we managed to install Google Maps.

Can I update apps with it?

Yes! If you open Petal Search and tap on the Me tab at the bottom, you will see an option that says Downloads. Tap on that, click on Updates and then you can update each app that appears in the list individually.

Which apps are available?

Many of the most popular apps not available in the Huawei App Gallery are available through Petal Search. You can download Twitter, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Netflix, Spotify, Discord, Amazon Prime Video and Twitch.

What are the issues and important apps missing?

As a search tool for unofficial app sources, there are of course problems. One is that – although you can download and install them – some apps still require Google Play services to get the most of all their features. For example, Google Maps is usable, but it doesn't store any rides or data in your own Google account without logging into it, which is not possible without Play Service.

The other problem is that many banking apps are just not available for download, so you're missing out on personal mobile banking. You probably won't find many of the top games through Petal Search either.

Is it safe?

There's always the problem, of course, that since most of these downloads are from unofficial sources, it means they aren't from a more strictly controlled app store, and that adds a bit more risk to the process alone. because apps won will not automatically update in the background when bug fixes and security holes are fixed. That exposes your phone to security risks, just like downloading apps from unofficial sources.

With the App Store and Google Play Store, we rely on these apps to sort out any malicious apps before they land on our phone. When Petal Search gets results from multiple sources, that is more difficult. However, both APKPure and APKMirror manually check the APKs / apps before they can be downloaded by the public.

APKPure – as an example – has a trusted badge on the apps to indicate that the downloadable file is original and has not been tampered with. Additionally, your Huawei phone will run another check to identify any issues in the file before installing it (but you will need to manually enable this feature in the popup window).

Also, when you search for a popular app like Instagram, the best results are almost always the actual app, not an unsafe clone with unreliable security. Still, as with anything unofficial, it's worth being careful and checking for those verified badges on the download page before downloading and installing.

Written by Cam Bunton.

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