What to do if CarPlay does not work

In addition to being interested in Apple, my hobbies also include cars. From time to time, I meet users who do not have CarPlay on various car forums. This "error" manifests itself quite simply – you connect your iPhone to the radio with a cable and only a message about the connection appears on its display, which, however, never actually takes place. Owners of their cars take the time to authorized dealers for repairs. But did you know that the solution is in most cases very simple and you can handle problems at home without any problems?

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Pavel Jelič Jan 19, 2021 0

What to do if CarPlay does not work

If you find yourself in a situation where CarPlay does not work in your vehicle, then this is usually not serious. Because Apple cares about the security of its users, it simply does not allow them to activate CarPlay if Siri is not activated on the iOS system. You should control CarPlay primarily through the apple voice assistant. The solution is as follows – activate Siri. To do this, follow these steps:

First, you need to move to the native Settings app on your iPhone.

Once you have done so, go down a bit below to locate and click on the Siri and Search box.

Here you then need to activate Siri, specifically by enabling these functions:
Wait for "Hey Siri"
Launch Siri with the side button
Enable Siri when locked

Once you activate Wait for pronunciation "Hey Siri", you will need to go through the setting of the activation phrase.

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So you can activate Siri on your iPhone as described above. After activating Siri, try reconnecting the phone to your vehicle in which CarPlay did not work before. In most cases, activating Siri will help – this is one of the conditions for functional CarPlay. In any case, the problem is that the car will not tell you this condition. Most individuals cough up on CarPlay and do not solve why it does not work, or some individuals visit an authorized dealer, where, unfortunately, they also often do not know what to do. If activating Siri does not help you get CarPlay up and running, then check whether the CarPlay vehicle can do it and whether you have it activated. Some carmakers will pay for activating CarPlay.

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