What to do if you find AirPods under the tree

That longing day finally arrived, and you enthusiastically throw yourself at the tree and take the first present under it. A small hard box tells you clearly that this time you hit it right and it will not be any clothes or any soft gift. You are eager to tear wrapping paper and enjoy the splendor beneath it. It will look at you a small white package, which shines two wireless headphones. As a reward, Jesus gave you new Apple AirPods apple headphones that will surely delight any right apple maker. But now, what do you think? Don't worry, we have detailed instructions to guide you through all the important steps you will need to take.

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Pair your headphones with your phone

The first necessary step is to connect AirPods to your phone by opening the charging case, leaving the headphones inside, and moving it next to your iPhone. If you have Bluetooth turned on, the pairing animation will instantly appear on your phone and in a few moments a pop-up window will pop up to confirm your connection. In the case of Android, pairing is a lot more difficult, but it is nothing that a normal user would not cope with. The procedure is exactly the same, just press the small circular button on the back until the flashing LED appears. The new headphones will automatically sync for both the Apple device and the Siri to control AirPods. However, if you have missed Hey Siri so far, the headphones will guide you through the setup. In addition, if you are logged in to iCloud, AirPods will also be set up for other devices without your help, so you can use the headphones anywhere you want. In any case, you can uncheck this step as done and jump on the next one.

Recharge your headphones

Whether you are aware of this or not, the AirPods case is not just a fashion accessory and a way to carry your headphones. It also works as a charging dock, allowing you to recharge your device to the maximum and enjoy up to 5 hours of listening. And if you can easily overcome it with music and do nothing but listen to new hits for the rest of Christmas Eve? Don't worry, in this case, just plug the headphones back into the case, plug it into the power outlet, and continue listening without any obstruction within 15 minutes. After just such a short time, AirPods charges up to a level that lasts up to 3 hours in continuous mode. Together with a fully charged dock, they boast up to 24 hours of battery life.

Get to know all the features

There is nothing more important than knowing what all headphones offer. In addition to the already mentioned Siri, which allows you to operate AirPods efficiently without touching the phone, the device also boasts an LED indicator that actively informs you of the status of the flashlight and connection. White indicates that the headset is ready for pairing, so you can connect your device to another phone or computer at any time using Bluetooth technology. On the other hand, if you flash orange, you should make sure that the AirPods are not paired correctly and you may need to repeat the process. However, if the indicator glows continuously, it indicates that the headphones are discharging. The red and green colors may not be very descriptive, in the first case the device is discharged and in the second case it is fully charged and ready for use.


Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Case

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Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Case

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Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Case

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Get used to operating the headphones

The last and most important step to listening to quality music is to get used to the intuitive control of AirPods. The headset is responsive to gestures and, in addition to voice commands, allows you to manipulate the music currently playing with simple touches that you will quickly get used to. Just double-tap the device and your headphones will automatically start responding to a variety of features, whether pausing a song, selecting a previous song, or activating Siri. Just head to your settings, choose Bluetooth, and choose which gestures to control each feature. Of course, there is also a handsfree option that allows you to answer calls and communicate without having to pull out the phone.

So, if you have mastered all of the above steps and have successfully launched your AirPods, feel free to enjoy high-quality music and enjoy Christmas with Apple headphones in your ears. After all, carols are never enough and how else to enjoy them better than with the appropriate apple equipment.

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