What to do if you find Apple Pencil under the tree

After opening the presents, you may have found an apple product under the tree, which may have been Apple Pencil. But what about him now? How to connect it? This will be explained in this article. First open the elongated box, remove the protective film and pull the plastic tab on the side. Then unpack the film and Apple Pencil itself.

Apple Pencil 1st generation


apple pencil 2



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As is customary for apple products, pairing products is really very simple. Remove the Apple Pencil cap on the top. You will see a lightning plug that you plug into your iPad. Soon a pop-up window will appear on your iPad to confirm pairing. To unpair, turn on flight mode, restart your iPad, or pair your Apple Pencil with another iPad. You can charge Apple Pencil either by connecting it to your iPad or by connecting it to a charging adapter, which is a safer option for me. You can monitor the battery status of this device in the notification center. With Apple Pencil you will be able to literally cast magic and you will soon learn all the techniques this inconspicuous accessory offers. For example, you can start in the Notes app. Apple Pencil 1st generation connect to:

iPad Air 3rd generation
iPad mini 5th generation
iPad 6th and 7th generation
12.9 ″ iPad Pro 1st and 2nd generation
9.7 ″ iPad Pro
10.5 ″ iPad Pro

Apple Pencil 2nd generation

If you received a 2nd generation Apple Pencil from Santa Claus, you seem to be the lucky owner of a newer iPad, as this accessory is only compatible with:

12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation)
11 inch iPad Pro



Apple Pencil 2


apple pencil 2
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How to connect this apple pen to the above mentioned iPads? Just place the Apple Pencil on the magnetic connector on the side of the iPad. Then it is necessary to confirm the pairing again by clicking on the window that appeared on the display. Apple Pencil "vaporize" as in the first generation, ie turning on flight mode, restarting the iPad or pairing Apple Pencil with another iPad. You can charge the second generation by simply touching the magnetic connector. You can see the battery status again in the notification center. Nothing is perfect and Apple Pencil may refuse to pair with iPad. If this happens, Apple recommends restarting the iPad. If the problem persists, charge the Apple Pencil. We hope this article made it easy for you to get started with Apple Pencil.

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