What to do if you find Apple TV under the tree

For any real Apple fan, Christmas is special if he finds an apple product under the tree. On television you will find the same fairy tales year after year and even though it is a pleasant tradition, it can get tired of many. Lounging on TV, which undoubtedly belongs to Christmas, can be incredibly sweetened by a small black box – Apple TV. It will now offer you a year of free Apple TV +, which offers a lot of fun for these holidays. So if your baby Jesus gave you Apple TV, this article will tell you how to get it up and running.

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Connect everything correctly

In the Apple TV 4K box, you will find, in addition to Apple TV, a remote, an Apple TV power cable and a lightning cable for charging the remote. In addition to the power supply, you will need to plug in an HDMI cable before you start it for the first time. So hopefully you have a spare home. Next you will need to connect Ethernet. Once all ports are connected, the Apple logo image appears on the TV.

Setup is a matter of seconds


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If you already own an apple family product, setting up will be very easy. You can get started with tvOS by simply tapping your iPad or iPhone. Apple TV downloads and syncs automatically. However, you need to have Bluetooth on your iPhone, be signed in to Apple ID, and have the same Wi-Fi as Apple TV. By tapping the iPhone to the Apple TV, you will need to type in the 4-digit code, which will save you some time from the difficult tapping of numbers using the controller. Initial setup is also possible to sign in to your accounts for subscription TV channels. You can then enable location services, analytics sharing with Apple, and application developers. At the end, you will need to confirm that you agree to the terms of use. However, users with the Android operating system do not have to worry about setting up a clear tutorial.

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The advantage of Apple TV 4K is that if you have a matching TV, the device squeezes out the best possible picture and sound from it. The ideal scenario is to own a 4K and HDR television. The resolution can then be adjusted at any time and if you do not own a 4K TV, you will certainly enjoy Full HD images. If you have a Netflix or HBO GO, the quality will depend of course on the prepaid package.

Apple TV 4K

All that remains is to set up access to the virtual wallet. If you enter your iCloud account, all you have to do is confirm that it is your device and you have won. However, if you did not enter Apple ID into tvOS, you can easily do so in Settings – Accounts – iTunes and the App Store. Here you can set either one or several Apple IDs within the "Family Accounts" feature. This will separate your payment methods from other household members. In "Password Settings", as the name suggests, lets you set the need to request a password for purchases. Now it is done and you can fully enjoy Apple TV and all its advantages. Now there has been some time already mentioned App Store, from which you can download various applications, games or other gadgets. The App Store works just like you’re accustomed to from your iPhone or iPad. We hope this article made it easy for you to get started with Apple TV and enjoy hundreds of hours of fun with it.

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