Where to download apps on your Mac: 5 verified sites you're sure to use

The Internet can be a good servant, but also a bad master. Today, we can find information on virtually anything on the Internet, along with other useful data. At the same time, however, you may suddenly find yourself on a website that is fraudulent in some way. Most often you can find yourself on such sites when you try to download some applications. You can recognize such a fraudulent website, for example, by the fact that there are download buttons everywhere, but each one redirects you to another similar page. You should install applications on your Mac from the App Store and developer sites, or from other verified websites. In this article, we'll take a look at 5 verified sites from which you can download all sorts of applications to your Mac.

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The MacUpdate website is one of the most popular websites where you can safely download applications. In the database of this site you will find more than 32 thousand different applications – for comparison, the App Store has about 20 thousand available. It should be noted that all applications are selected manually by experts from this portal, so definitely no application will get into the MacUpdate database. This makes MacUpdate really secure and you don't have to worry about downloading an application that could damage your system. On the MacUpdate website, you can also follow application trends, applications at a discount, or the best rated applications. I can recommend MacUpdate to everyone from my own experience.

Use this link to go to the MacUpdate site

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If you have ever decided to download an application, both on macOS and, for example, on Windows, then you have quite possibly found yourself on the Softpedia website. This web portal is one of the largest portals on which you can download applications. The good news is that you can easily filter all the applications that are designed for macOS directly on it – so Windows applications will definitely not get in your way. All applications on the Softpedia website are maintained and updated daily so that you can always download the latest version. Some applications are then labeled Softpedia Secure Download – such applications are safely downloaded directly from the Softpedia website and are tested against viruses and malicious code.

Use this link to go to the Softpedia website

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Pure Mac

Are you looking for a really simple website that has been available to all users for several long years? In that case, you will like Pure Mac. As the name of the page suggests, here you will find applications that are intended only for the macOS operating system. Anyway, if you expect to see a lot of modern design on the Pure Mac website, you're wrong. Pure Mac is betting on a desin that he roared many years ago – but in a way it's not bad, because there is nothing bothering you when choosing applications. On the Pure Mac main page, all you have to do is select one of the many categories, which will then show you all sorts of applications. In addition, you can see the latest update of this portal on the page. Pure Mac is one of the secure application download websites, but keep in mind that all download links redirect you to application developer servers.

Use this link to go to the Pure Mac site

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CNET Download

Like the above sites, CNET Download is one of the web portals on which you can easily and, most importantly, safely download applications. In a way, it can be said that CNET Download is similar to the Softpedia portal, which we have already looked at above. This means that you will find more than 150,000 applications on it, which are designed for both Windows, macOS and other operating systems. Of course, you can filter Mac applications to always see only what interests you. CNET Download scans every application for viruses or other malicious code, and you will not find applications on this portal that, for example, do not have correctly completed terms of use that modify web browsers (and other related things), or that send usage information to remote servers. You can even find reviews of many applications, directly from the CNET portal.

Use this link to go to the CNET Download site

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If you have built or bought your own Windows computer in the past, or if you are dedicated to building computers, then you certainly know a web application called Ninite. With this single application, you are able to quickly and easily install all the basic information that must not be missing on any computer – such as various players, communicators, development tools and more. So simply select the applications you need and then download your own Ninite in which these applications are located. Then just open the downloaded Ninite and wait until everything is installed automatically. Exactly the same tool exists for macOS and is called MacApps. Simply select the applications you want to quickly install on your Mac, and then download one file to install them all quickly and easily.

Use this link to go to the MacApp site

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