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Which Xiaomi will get MIUI 13 and Android 12 and how to install the latest firmware on a smartphone

Useful applications for Android do not appear so often, especially those that can help a smartphone user to solve several tasks at once. Today we will talk about one of these and to begin with I would like to list its possibilities:

You can find out if your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco smartphone will receive the MIUI 13 and Android 12 update
Find out which version of MIUI is most relevant to your region and download the update file.
Find past versions of firmware (why this is necessary I will tell later)
Update system applications before they appear in the "Component Update" column

If this article gets your approval, then in a few days there will be a sequel in which I will tell you how to return the recording of conversations (without warning), switch between regions (change China to Global for example) and roll back to previous versions of the system.

All these steps do not require unlocking the bootloader and having a computer at hand, you only need a smartphone and Internet access.

Current version and update of MIUI

After installation, you need to choose the model of your smartphone, just note that some models have several versions. For example, my Redmi Note 10 Pro was released for China, India and other markets, so you need to be more careful. Click on the name of your smartphone and get to the new menu.

The "Stable MIUI" section contains all the current firmware for all regions (in my case there are 6). To find out which firmware is installed on your smartphone, you need to go to "Settings" -> About the phone -> MIUI version.

This way you will be able to understand if you have the latest version of the system installed and if not, it is easy to upgrade.

If you go to the menu of each of the available firmware, you will see several sections. We are only interested in "Recovery", because there are full firmware in a convenient format.

To download, click on "Download", and to see the list of changes, click on the section of the same name, in which you can find out when the Android security patch was released (this information will come in handy when moving to another region).

Just above the "Recovery" is the item "Old versions", which collects all previously released firmware (they will come in handy when rolling back).

To install the downloaded firmware, you need to go to "Settings" -> About phone -> Update menu -> about 10 times press the number 12 -> three points -> Select the firmware file in the download folder and click "Ok".

Update information

To begin with, it is worth noting that the information in this application is the most relevant, as it is based on the availability of Chinese beta versions of MIUI (or plans to release them). Let's look at the situation with upcoming updates on the example of Redmi Note 9.

In the main menu, select this smartphone model and scroll down the page a little to the "Other" tab, click on "Compatibility with MIUI 13" and see that this smartphone will receive an update to MIUI 13.

Then we do the same with Android 12 and see that this smartphone will not be updated before it.

And separately I would like to say about the "Applications" tab from the main menu of the program.

Here are all the latest versions of system applications, but I strongly do not recommend installing everything in a row, before downloading anything, find out if this version is compatible with global firmware. You can do this in the comments below.

You can download the application here

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