Why you should install iOS 14.4 immediately

For each newly released software update for its systems, Apple strongly recommends that they be installed, and for iOS 14.4 released yesterday, this recommendation is doubly true. Although the update remarks do not address security bug fixes, Apple's support document released tonight reveals that iOS 14.4 provides fixes for a total of three major security bugs that could have been exploited to damage Apple i.3 14.3 and older.

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<h3>  Apple has just released iOS 14.4 with several improvements and new features<br />
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<p>Because the patch is released for a relatively short time, Apple can't share too many details about the bugs, as it would help potential attackers attack apples with outdated devices. One of the mistakes, however, is to revolve around a possible unauthorized increase of authorization by malicious applications, which could theoretically allow themselves, for example, access to a location and the like. The other two errors then concern WebKit, the Safari browser module. Despite these flaws, attackers should be able to run arbitrary code remotely on the iPhone. </p>
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Quite alarming is that, according to Apple, the problem could have been actively exploited. Although the Californian giant is not directly mentioned in this case, however, in view of the use of this phrase in its supporting document, the misuse of the error against apple-makers is very probable. However, the extent to which hackers exploited these errors is currently virtually undetectable. The only thing that is clear is that if users want to prevent the threat of errors, they need to install iOS 14.4 on their devices as soon as possible.

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