Will Google block users from using AdBlock?

Will Google block users from using AdBlock - Will Google block users from using AdBlock?

Many are already aware of the service such as YouTube Premium. It allows you to watch videos on a popular platform without advertising inserts, as well as a number of other buns. But many users have installed in their browser the AdBlock extension or its equivalent, and they do not blow. However, Google does not like this schedule, and it intends to combat it.

On December 10 this year, new terms of use of the video service will come into force. According to the edit, the administration can block a user account if it considers that granting access does not make commercial sense.

What exactly this can mean is not specified. However, experts suggest that Google will block users from using software like AdBlock. There is also a version that the US giant will from time to time purge and delete inactive accounts.

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