Would you like a letter of thanks directly from Tim Cook? Work for at least 5 years in Apple

It is an unwritten tradition that employers send various forms of acknowledgment to their employees on important days. It is no different in Apple, which employs tens of thousands of people. One of his employees, who recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of his work at the company, shared his gift on Twitter.

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Lemont Washington received personal thanks from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, for Apple's five-year loyalty service. Washington has been working in Apple since September 2014 as Senior Software Engineer. During these five years he worked on Swift Playgrounds, HomeKit and News. Almost five months have passed since the five-year anniversary, but Tim Cook has not forgotten. The framed thank you in translation reads: “Five years in Apple is a really important milestone. When you came here, we agreed on really great things. Since then, you have brought passion, creativity and toughness to our society – that is what the pursuit of perfection requires. You supported and inspired others through the standards you set yourself. And you have a huge impact on the lives of many people. This is significant. Thank you – for everything you did and for everything you do during your trip to Apple. ”Of course, the thanks go to Tim Cook's signature.

Steve Jobs has begun to thank the employees for overcoming certain milestones at Apple, whose thanks are now a valuable trophy to Apple's collections around the world. They are often willing to pay thousands of dollars on various auction portals just to put a piece of their Jobs into the collection. Whether they will have a similar value in a few years' time and thanks to Tim Cook, however, is in the stars at the moment.

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