Xiaomi Air Pump review-Bike’s best partner?

Hello, bikers. Sad Monday, right? I’m gonna share a practical tire pump from Xiaomi today, I hope you will get cheered up with this energy pump. Check out my Xiaomi Air Pump review here!

Unboxing and Design

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Honestly, I was a little surprised at this product. First of all, the rendering outside the package is too far from traditional air pumps. It is like an electronic lock. 

The packaging is the consistent minimalist style of Xiaomi products. From the box, we can see that this Xiaomi air pump can inflate not only bicycle tires, but also motorcycle tires, balls, car tires, and so on. 

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After opening the box, we can see a Xiaomi air pump, French air nozzle adapter, air needle for balls, a charging cable, a storage bag, and instructions for use. 

I like it because of its compatibility with the French air nozzle and American air nozzle. There is also a giveaway storage bag, which is practical. Although it doesn’t include a power adapter, it doesn’t matter, because nearly everyone has a few power adapters at home.

Xiaomi Air Pump review-Bike's best partner?
Xiaomi Air Pump review
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Xiaomi air pump looks like a lock, which is black and small, 433g in weight, great for a single hand. 

There is a digital display on the front, and the navigation key on the bottom is the function button. 

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When the air nozzle is pulled out, the machine starts automatically, and we can see that the air pressure will be displayed on the screen. 

Mijia air pump allows you to set the specific air pressure by using “+”/”-” button. Then, press the confirmation key in the middle to start pumping automatically. 

The air pressure can reach up to 150psi (10.3bar), big enough to inflate tires of bicycles, motorcycles, cars as well as a variety of balls

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The right navigation button is to select the mode. The Mijia air pump itself has the preset air pressure values for the four common tires mentioned earlier. 

Just connect the nozzle to the tire, select the appropriate mode, press the OK key, and you can inflate the tire effortlessly. When the tire pressure reaches the preset value, the air pump will stop automatically. It’s unnecessary to worry about over-inflation.

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Xiaomi Air Pump review

I like the storage of the nozzle tube. When it is needed, I pull it out, and the device will power up; after use, I put back the nozzle, and the device will power off. 

No additional operations are needed, which is quite convenient. 

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Mijia air pump also integrates with a 19.6Lux LED lamp which is controlled by the left button. The LED lamp is for inflation at night outdoors. 

With this LED lamp, it will be easier to find the position of the nozzle and connect to it. Isn’t it so practical?

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The electric air pump will produce a lot of heat when working; in comparison, Mijia air pump has various holes on both sides, which optimizes the air duct. Tough it is small, it features excellent heat dissipation, providing protection for continuous inflation. 

In the actual use, there is no overheating issue throughout the entire process of inflating car tires, which is superior to many handheld air pumps on the market. 

Xiaomi Air Pump review-Bike's best partner?

The charging port is designed on the bottom and protected by a silicone cover. Mijia air pump has a built-in 2000mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery and supports up to 2A maximum charging current. 

By using a 5V 2A power adapter, it takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to charge the air pump fully.

How about battery life? We’ll talk about it later. 

Actual Inflation Experience

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Mijia air pump has a built-in digital sensor. When it is connected to the nozzle, the display screen can accurately read the tire pressure. 

It is very practical for checking and adjusting the tire pressure regularly. 

Too low or too high tire pressure will lead to safety risks. 

For example, when the tire pressure is insufficient due to accidental puncture, we can use it to cope with the emergency. 

I wanted to inflate the car tires, but I found that the pressure of all tires had reached or exceeded the preset value. According to official data, the Xiaomi air pump can finish inflating a tire in about eight minutes. Are you satisfied with the speed? 

Xiaomi Air Pump review-Bike's best partner?
Xiaomi Air Pump review

To test this electric air pump, I pulled out a road bike with flat tires that were not in use for a long time.  

The tire pressure of road bikes is more than 3 times that of cars. 

Mijia air pump uses an alloy die-casting cylinder block to increase the pressure to 150psi quickly. The inflation only takes 3 minutes, and then, it automatically stops. The efficiency is more satisfactory. 

The product built-in 6 anti-vibration pads to reduce the vibration. I held the pump for 3 minutes during the inflation and didn’t feel any discomfort.

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Then I inflated two tires for an electric bike with insufficient air pressure. You don’t have to worry about the speed of inflation. A tire of an electric bike or a motorcycle can be filled with air in about six minutes. 

At the same time, it works quietly, which is satisfactory. Compared with my old air pump, the sound is much lower. 

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Mijia electric air pump has a well-designed air tube and nozzle so that I can quickly inflate some tires that require an extension tube, such as an electric scooter and some baby bikes. 

Battery Life 

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Let’s talk about the battery life. After unboxing, I found the LED flashing red, which meant its battery power was insufficient. 

However, without charging the air pump, I managed to inflate two completely flat tires of my road bike, two tires of my electric bike, and two more tires with my electric scooter. As you can see, the battery life of the air pump is exceptional.

According to official data, 100% charged, the air pump can pump up about 5 car tires (215 to 60R 16 tires, from 2.0 bar to 2.5 bar); about 8 tires of road bikes (700x25C tires, from 0 psi – 120psi); about 6 motorcycle tires (130/70-12 tires, from 0 bar to 2.4 bar); or about 30 footballs (from 0 psi to 12 psi). Does it satisfy you? 


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After a period, the Xiaomi electric air pump is entirely different from traditional air pumps. It is effortless to use – just pushing the button will do. 

With a built-in battery and small size, it is incredibly portable for outdoor use. It supports up to 150psi, enough for most tires or balls in our daily life.

At last, let me talk about its cons. There is not a specially designed fixture for the air pump, which is a little troublesome for outdoor use. What’s more, the power indicator doesn’t show the specific remaining battery percentage than a display.

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